Doc Holliday n Honduras seeds

Want to share my grow n will like to hear any feedback in the community so I can learn more about my new hobby
Tent: 8’x4’
Lights: HPS/MH 600w n 2 Mars Hydro 300w
Inline 4" fan
A/C unit
2 small fans
Co2 canister

Right now therenis 2 Doc Holliday 2 plants from some seeds I got from Honduras n one Blueberry Auto.
10 more Autoflowering will go in in few weeks.
Here are some puctures.
Im in week 4 of Veg/grow

Growing in Soil
3 gal pot
General organics nuts


Off to a great start!

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So far is going good…

Good luck with your grow!

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Thnx buddy…

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