Do your physicians do random or regular drug testing?


I am on Pain Meds. for a back injury and my Dr tests me every three months. I first time I did not pass he told me that if it happen again he would no longer give me my Pain Meds. It sucks because the mary jane does almost as much good as the pain Meds. Its ok because I learned years ago how to burn one right before the test and still pass it. I drove a truck for 30 Years and always passed my test. no different now.


Mountainman … that’s amazing you can pass a drug test that easily. I get tested about 2-3 times a year and if I know when it’s going to happen, I stop smoking about 4 weeks before the test. If they try to surprise test me, I tell them I need to speak to the doctor first, then I’ll take the test. I tell my doctor I’ll test positive and she doesn’t make me take it.

I still take pain medication for shoulder pain and migraines. The cannabis doesn’t really help my migraines as well as the pain meds do.



I was told I would no longer be treated due to my cannabis use. I called my insurance subscriber and I received an apology hours later from the hospital.


I am so sick and tired of being drug tested. Last time I got tested (5 months ago) I tested positive AGAIN after not using any cannabis for 4 weeks. I have to be tested again in September. I can either quit using now and use opioids for pain or I can refuse to take the test or keep smoking and test positive for the fourth or fifth time.

Is this drug testing nationwide or does living in VA just really suck??

What would you guys do? I’m leaning towards refusing to take the test. We got a bill from the insurance company. We’re being charged $650 for each test.

Any insights would be great.


Testing positive or negative depends on a lot of factors. Your body mass, how much you exercise, the THC level of the weed you use, the type of test that used, length of time since you used.
If the test lab is using a mass spectrograph it’s gonna be tuff to beat. A strip test or swab test is simple to pass.
Just a little internet research will shed light on your options.
If your going to a pain clinic in VA by law your screwed


I’m a moderate toker and got some Yogi detox tea from Amazon and was clean in 8 days. Plus it tastes great and you kind of get a
calm relaxing feeling. Look up Certo on Youtube it supposed to get you clean in one day, I’ve never tried it, but they say it works.


Iv’e had Fentanyl and Dilaudid in my pain pump for 7 years now! NOTHING and I mean NOTHING compares to the Fentanyl!!! The pump gives me a slow infusion over a 24 Hr. period. I also have a remote that I use 8 times a day to increase the dosage besides the 24 Hr. infusion! I also take Methadone every day! I’m currently growing 5 AK - 47 plants and they should be done by March 9,2018 My doc said he will cut off my oral meds but continue to fill my pump if I ever test ++++. Only once in a blue moon does he test though.


Fear not, brother…the VA is cool with MMJ in states where it’s legal but you need to have a state issued MMJ card. Here’s a link to the VA page:


Mine does a random about once a year. But they don’t make a big deal out of me having my card. They just make sure it’s valid at the beginning of every year when I have my first appointment with them. But if you are worried about your situation and don’t want anything to show up I know a product called qcarbo works really well. Just follow the directions on the bottle. I think you can get it on Amazon but I haven’t had to look/use it in a long time so I am not sure. Take care