Do your physicians do random or regular drug testing?

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Latewood … that’s sound advice about talking to our doctors about the benefits of MMJ. I plan on talking to my doctor about it at my appointment tomorrow. I’m in a state where MMJ is still illegal and I believe Garrigan is too. Because of the federal laws for pain meds and stimulant medication, patients are having to be tested randomly or regularly to ensure they are actually taking the meds and not selling them on the street.

Garrigan … it sucks big time as the MMJ works much better on my muscular pain than the pain pills, but the MMJ doesn’t work as well on my migraine headaches. So I hope I can continue with some type of pain medication after talking to my doctor. The pain clinic you’re at may have specific guidelines for being tested and if MMJ is still illegal in your state, I suspect our physicians will continue to recommend we give up the MMJ.

What’s interesting is the feds recently passed a law saying that MMJ was not illegal, but most of the individual states aren’t on board with this yet. Here in Virginia, the amount of MMJ I’m growing would land me 5 years in jail.

Garrigan … I would hope your doctor at the pain clinic would see the benefits of MMJ, especially with regard to your recent large weight loss. Maybe they can prescribe Marinol, but I’m not sure how effective that for putting on a little weight.

I’m wondering how many of us who take pain meds regularly have to be drug screened all the time. I was so surprised when I tested positive in June for MMJ. It’s never shown up before.

Wishing there was an easy fix to this problem.

there is no help for this issue until its legal everywhere my doctor does not care laws are not to harsh where I live but that does not help you . sorry good luck

It doesn’t help that politicians get kick back from pharmaceutical company’s so they can continue to get mega rich off the suffering of good American you take medication to get rid of one problem and 20 side effects pop up,the gov allows these company to produce and sell drugs without proper or long enough trials and it’s killing our citizens.people are allowed to get stupid drunk and kill people with their cars but if I smoke a joint in safety of my own home I am treated worse than a murdered.
I recently found out here in GA,if you get caught with a very small amount of pot then you are never allowed to get a state grant to further your education but convicted murders can be released early and get every college grant are slowly losing our freedoms and are arrested for the pursuit of happiness


I thought I would share this with the community as I wear this shirt to every gov building I step foot in and have even been arrested for disorderly conduct for refusing to take it took me 14 months in court to have it dropped removed from my arrest record and to have my bail returned
Annual American Death Report
All legal drugs…20,000
All illegal drugs…15,000


Livewire … thanks … I’ll take all the luck I can get. My doctor does regular drug screening because I am prescribed pain and stimulant medication. She sent me a note when I tested positive for MMJ in June asking that I ABSTAIN from further use. I didn’t follow her advice. Haven’t talked to her since then and not looking forward to my physical today. Just hoping I don’t have to pee in a cup today.

Cash … I love your shirt!! It’s perfect.


Hey MT have you tried any of the drug test kits to help you pass? Do they watch you pee in cup? My test they watched, but I have a card for mmj in CA.
they sell stuff at health food places to help clear for test. Good luck.

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I talked about the MMJ with my doctor yesterday. She’s fine with it, but cut back the amount on my Rx for pain meds. That’s fine with me, the MMJ works better on muscular pain anyway. The nurse wanted me to take the pee test, and I told her I would, but I wanted to wait until after I talked to the doctor to do it. This was so cool … after talking to my doc and telling her I would flunk the pee test again, she didn’t make me do it!! I hope I don’t have to take another one for the next six months until the next appointment.

Yay! I’m so relieved that’s over!


sound like your doctor does not care. that’s a good thing

I’m really sorry you had to do all of that, MT. Im in AUSTRALIA, where it’s completely IILEGAL to use ALL forms of MJ. I use buckets of opiates, prescribed by my Dr, but I’ve told him about my v small MMJ use - he’s completely fine with it; encourages it, in the hopes that I’ll be able to reduce my opiate use; & he’s not even recorded the MMJ in my notes.

I STILL can’t believe they gave you an MSU! Aus is so backwards- they’re only now beginning to talk in parliament about MMJ for children w epilepsy (& only oils & non smokable & vapables) It’ll take YEARS to get legal MMJ for Chronic Pain (or seizures, or other maladies) for Adults!

Until then, I’m relegated to being a criminal …
Best of luck, MT,

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Hiya, MT.

I’ve been on pain meds since 1991 because of a totally messed up spine. Two compression fractures, 4 bulging disc which are torn internally, degenerative joint and disc diseases, ostesarthritis, scoliosis in 2 directions and neuropothy in my waist and right thigh from a pinched nerve are my chief compaints.

They implanted a pain pump feeding morphine and bubificaine directly into my spine (the pump is worth a fortune BTW) in 1998. I started on Duracet and am up to oxycodone (Oxycontin) 4 times/day along with the almost 19mg morphine and 4mg bubificaine per day from the pain pump now.

The frequency of testing has varied a lot from none until a state law began required testing a couple of years ago. Averaged out, they test me once in every 3 visits (the pump has to be refilled every 86 days). So I have lay off smoking 2 weeks before each visit. So far the testing has been limited to urinalysis (if they ever pull a hair sample I’m screwed).

This is just my experience. I hope it will help in some small way perhaps.

Peace. Happy growing and toking.


FYI, unless your hair is coated with smoke, THC is almost impossible to find in hair samples.

A major study on detection of cannabinoids in hair follicles, conducted by researchers at the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Freiburg, Germany, showed that only a scientifically irrelevant amount of THC was passed from a person’s bloodstream to hair, rendering the tests useless. Most tests can not detect this amount at all.

The worst part is that you are more likely to test positive from external exposure to marijuana, than from actually ingesting it. The researchers came to this conclusion by testing subjects that use marijuana frequently, and those who don’t, but had been exposed to marijuana externally. And those that did not use marijuana but had been exposed to marijuana externally were way more likely to test positive, even though they never consume it, basically proving that the test is more likely to give a useless false positive on innocent people than to catch a user that is careful to not let smoke or anything touch their hair, or use a special shampoo before being tested to wash any contaminants off the outside of the hair.

As an illustrated example. the thing that sucks about hair tests so much, is that a completely innocent person could be on his/her way to being tested and walk near someone on the street smoking marijuana, have their head pass through a cloud of smoke, maybe without realizing it, and then test positive while never ever having consumed marijuana in their whole life!


Yeah, man,

That does bite the big one. Nonetheless, these myopic asses here in Good Ol’ USA treat a false positive as an impossibility.

In this case my pain MD would drop me like a hot rock if I got a positive return and it would be virtually impossible to find another that would have theability to maintain my pain pump. If I could even find one that would take me on as a patient. The source of this all being the dumbass use/posession laws here. I mean you could the politicos over the head withh all the studies showing the non-additive traits and health benefits of cannibis til you turn blue MJ will still be a Class 1 Non-useful. (How else could the War on Drugs and super huge beaurocracy tail that it wags be substantiated,)

Even left as a States Rights decision it’s almost impossible get use approval, even if it’s just medical use, on a ballot and passed, past the sheeple at election time because of the now almost innate and ingrained yet misinformed bias against “reefer”. I’m an ordained Baptist Minister myself yet I think my position on use, including so called recreational use are clear.

Oh, well> Enough tilting with windmills. Until the mass inform themselves instead of swallowing the negative propaganda nothig is going to change.

Peace and Happy growing and toking,


Please help me MT1! Im in desperate need for a doctor,let me explain please.I have SLE.its the lupus that is horribly painful and attacks organs etc…I"ve been going to a pain clinic for 15yrs and have never tested positive for anything! I get a call from dr. office and told im no longer their patient because i tested positive for THC! No dr will even see me and she wont even allow me to defend myself or talk to me.Im in desperate need for a I will run out of pain meds and im in pain on the meds! Cant imagine my life with no meds on top of the withdrawels! Ive already had a heart attack and now my kidneys are failing and heart issues again due to the Lupus.I dont know why I tested positive but no pain dr. will see me due to the positive result! Your dr. sounds like maybe they would at least give me hope of seeing me.Will you please give me their name? I live in Virginia but I dont care where this at. I can give you my phone number if you want.PLEASE HELP!

Hi MJ,

I am so sorry to hear about your lupus. It’s such a debilitating disease. It sucks that you tested positive for THC. Did you know they were going to do a drug test? My doctor does random testing … that’s how I tested positive last June … I wasn’t expecting to be tested when I went in for my checkup. I narrowly missed testing positive again this past September. I told my doctor I would test positive and asked her not to test me … even though the nurse tried to get me to do it.

I have to see her every six months, so I know I will be tested again in March. In addition to being tested twice a year when I go for my checkups, they also do random testing. I have been tested in the past when I went to the office just to pick up the Rx. So, I take a chance every time I have to pick up the Rx. For my next checkup, I’ll just quit using a month ahead of time so I don’t test positive.

Privately, she told me that she is not against my using MJ to treat chronic pain … BUT,** she put a note in my medical record stating that she told me to stop using it or she would discontinue my pain meds.** I can’t have her stop my pain meds as I need them to treat migraines. I have found the MJ isn’t that effective for that kind of pain.

I can’t imagine how hard it must be to have lupus and not be treated for pain. It’s unreal. I honestly don’t think she would treat you for pain if you test positive for MJ or if you told her you were using it.

I wish I could be more help, but my doctor is really very strict about pain meds and MJ. It sucks living in VA … we don’t even have medical MJ here. I apologize for being so longwinded here. Just wanted to explain things a little better to you. What part of VA are you in?

Let us know how you’re doing,

PS … If you’re not far from DC, you might be able to find a pain clinic that will treat you there since MJ is legal in DC now.

I just got drug tested, but at the Veterans Administration due to new doctor and getting supposedly treated for chronic migraine/traumatic brain injury from my service injuries decades ago,…that sometimes feels or seems like its killing me. Anyway, supposedly, they just test for the hard drugs, and are not supposedly looking for cannabis, but who knows, I hope it doesn’t affect my care from a new doctor and a new direction of care,…in the right direction.
Then about two weeks later someone called and left a message for another “lab”, meaning drug test, but of course, having received no notification in the mail, means I am no longer playing those games, I mean, the va uses this sort of thing to save them money, I mean, previous I was drug tested once three times in one month, and every other month regularly, usually by blood afterwards, …them not testing for anything but drugs I was secretly informed,…they use the info to justify their incompetence or such if it ever comes up.

Hi mjmcginnis,

Hate to say this but it’s going to hard as hell to find any Pain Specialist that will even let you in their office. I’ve been seeing different ones for more than 20 years and I’ve seen your situation effect several people. Quote, Pain Specialists, unquote, are a clique unto themselves so whenever someone gets “black balled” that’s pretty well it. All the ones I seen use(d) random drug testing. For me that wasn’t a prob up until 2 years ago. Oral pain meds sufficed. I have an implanted pain pump that injects a mix of morphine and bubifocaine directly into my spinal canal and am prescribed 40mg (4 x 10mg/day) of oxycodone on top of that. I had to turn to self medication, i.e. weed and alcohol, when my pain MD decided he wasn’t comfortable uping the oral meds any more with amount going through the pump (which is maximum for morphine by pump). Right now I’m living every day with 7 - 10 pain levels all day everyday. The only alternative is to take 2 years weaning off the morphine and another 2 years to retitrate with dilauded back to a theraputic level. I don’t say this to explain how bad off I am. Instead I wanted to set context to make the point that once my Pain MD put this in my records I’ve checked with 9 other Pain Docs and this asshole’s opinion is chiseled in stone.

Having seen other patient dropped for testing pos for THCs and becoming pariahs for it, since I started “using” about 2 years ago I make sure to cut off at least 10 days before every appoinment to let my system flush. Ten days has proved adequate for me (i have a a friend who works in a blood lab and she ran both urine and blood teats for me to double check). So if you get lucky enough to find a Pain Specialist to pick you up maybe some of this info will help.

I wish you the best in your search but it may be a case of relying on your family/ Primary Care Dr. for your pain meds, if they don’t cold shoulder you too.

Good luck and best wishes,

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Hi MT1,

Sorry to say but in the “clique” that is Pain Specialists MJ = Bad, bad! is the party line until a state passes medicinal use legislation. In the meantime , and I’ve discussed this my own and a herd of other “Pain Specialists”. If you test pos for THC, first, your pain MD is going to drop you like a hot rock. And, second, you will be extremely damn lucky to find another that will pick you up. Of course a family/Primary Care MD can prescribe oral pain meds and NSAIDs. However they are usually under very strict State mandates as to the amount and kinds, categories of opiates they can dispense. Plus, if as in my case you have an implanted interthecal pain pump and/or T.E.N.S unit you will be left without a means of having these units maintained.

Regards of legislation by a given State to legalize MJ it remains classified as a Category 1 drug “without a useful purpose” at the Federal level. Here in Arkansas, where I live, the manufacture of crystal Meth and its use along with coke and heroin are at such levels that local law enforcement turns a blind eye to the growing and use of MJ so long as a pissed off neighbor turns you in; or, you plant 1/4 acre in back of your house; or, you set up a kiosk in the local WalMart parking lot and start selling quarters over the counter. I’m pretty confident that medicinal MJ will be voted in here in 2016 which will allow a better situation for users like myself. However that means that it will be status quo for rec users.

Good luck growing and keep on toking,

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I hope this post will help some of yall , i have to take U/A for the us VA for pain scrips .if iam tested pos no pain meds a lot of hassel in short . .i found a company on the web sells detox kits, they’ll ask for your info such as to the drugs you take ,be honest their there to help . my test had to show POS for Opiates and Neg THC, …went over the test results 3 for three passed ,opiates teir no thc . the company went by the name MB DIETARY,.fill out the form their fast, discreet,effective…i smoke a lot 18X7X365lol didn’t smoke for 24 hrs then detox in rout to test 2.5 hrs away. came with pre test kit .again pacific to your needs . they also have a myth sheet there its worth a read . some things i found in it could be why i failed in the past… vinegar ,no good golden seal ,no good ect, ect, . found old receipt …no real name or Just MD DIETARY

My doctor told me the first day i saw him and has no problem with medical marijuana and will not have a problem if it shows up in a urine test, over time he and i talked a lot about it and i have actually been able to answer questions he has had about it, recently he attended a conference on the subject and is even more supportive about it. i live in plymouth Massachusetts USA our state voted and passed medical marijuana Nov 24 2012,after 3 years of the politicians doing everything they could to try and undo the will of the people they are allowing 35 dispensaries, To date only 2 have opened but they are allowing med card holders to grow 3 plants and have 3 plants drying at anytime. In this coming election this year it’s on the ballot to fully legalize it and it look like it will be passed by the majority of the voters. it’s good to finally see changes to prohibition in my country.