Do you use these products?

Massive Bloom
Soil Balance
Silver bullet


I do not I do need to make some adjustments

just want to know about them

Don’t waste your money. It is marketing hype and not much more. All these “bloom boosters” are is concentrated P and K. If you want more P and K, simply feed more of whatever product you already use for P and K. Whatever you choose, be sure to monitor runoff PPMs to ensure that you are not risking nute burn.


Massive Bloom is Green Planet nurtients “flagship” nutriernt product and Soil Balance has won 2 cannabis cups a year go _ this might tell you something about these products _terpinator does increase terpenes as for Purpintor it brings out natural colors (good for pruple strains, ect) Yes! one can make some of these these Like brewing kelp, humic acid, enzyme’s and alafla meal to make “tarcontional” which is a natural growth stiimulator - massive bloom does this

It’s the one that you might check out. Beneficial microbes for your root zone.
Looks like a good product to strengthen your root zone and supply microbes that will colonize and keep the bad stuff out while helping breakdown salts and make available for your roots.
I use a product for hydroponics called Hydroguard

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another outstanding product is Mammonth P which is very simmular with soil balance - there has been side-byside- grows with Mammonth P vs Soil Balance Another very good poduct call “Hygrozyme” been arouund for years - cleans root zone ,increase nutrient up=take, ect if you grow hydro look at 'SLF-100" (ENZYMATIC CLEANING FORMULA) (sample packs $10.00 - 2 bottles) Hydroguard is very good also

@steve2 sounds like you already have the answers to the test lol. Preach on.

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There is certainly room for supplements that contain things like microbes and silica, but supplements where the claim to fame reads something like “5-30-50” is not worth buying. You can accomplish the same thing by simply adding more Jack’s Part A, Fox Farm’s Tiger Bloom, AN’s Sensi Part B, or the bloom component of your favorite nute line.

It’s really important to monitor runoff PPM if you use any of these products. Concentrates of P&K and harm your plant if PPM is not managed properly.


just wanted to know if folks use any of these _ people’s input can be important

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@steve2 i agree with you on that. This Forum has taught me a ton already. Some of it is more than my head can handle sometimes when it gets technical on lights and whatnot lol. But I figure each grow I’ll absorb a little more. Let us know how it works out for your grow to come!!

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how right you are – one learns something new after each grow Then one wants to up-grade ( have done that 3x’s ( (cfl’s to Leds’ to QB’s) way to much stuff to “absorb” now a days’ But find sites like these really help with the learning curve !! _Peace