Do you trim before or after drying the buds?


A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“Do you trim before or after drying the buds? I have always taken branches off existing plants, trimmed and then hung for drying - I haven’t seen any ideas in your articles. How much trimming do you do?”


I like to take off all the fan leafs and anything that I’m not going to use Sometimes I hang it branch by branch sometimes I’ll hang the whole plant sometimes I’ll even trim off all the sugar leave and save it into a wet tram and let it hang


Robert recommends dry trimming and hanging the plant upside down to dry - apparently the sap in the stems will flow to the flowers/buds while it is drying and they can retain some mass as a result.


I do a wet trim and hang the branches with buds or place them in brown paper bags before into glass mason jars for curing.


I believe trimming wet is a bit harder due to needing to exert more force to cut the wet(fresh) weed. Cutting it after drying is easier. Also if you wait to clip - the plant will dry slower, and that has benefits to the smoke,but can also let mold in if not done right.


I had a pitiful harvest, so I kept anything with trichomes. Dried to about 68%, then cured with Boveda packs. No mold or any other issues.


We trying to keep up wet trimming, the whole family is trimming, but its impossible to keep up, so rest of the crop is hanging…
Will be trimming for weeks on…:wink::wink::wink::wink:


Yes i so same take the big girls off 1st coalers!! Trim them then let dry!! And don’t get rid of your trim save it it make awesome bubble hash sometimes even better smoke then the weed


My answer is…yes! Hahaha!

I start taking down the fan leaves a couple of days before the chop. After the branches are removed and washed, I remove as much as I can stand before going bonkers then onto the racks. It’s just me and I’m not aesthetically fussy so I don’t care if there’s a bit of sugar leaf hanging. It smokes just fine.


I have read (on here I think) that leaving the sugar leaves on during drying is good because it helps slow the drying process. But then you remove them before cure.

But using that logic, if you have humidity issues and need them to be able to dry, removing the sugar leaves would help that.

But you must mail those to me. I’ll send you my address via separate correspondence


I get the fans and other leaves off, leaving sugar leaves and anything with trichomes. Hang the branches until the outer part of the bud gets crunchy and the stems get brittle. Then cut the buds and drop them into paper bags for an indeterminate time before bagging or jarring it up.


I actually like the taste that the sugar leaves add.


I do pretty much the same, after testing all different techniques, this is what works best, at least for me…