...Do you Thom?

i have been listening to this guy for years, 12-3 pm M-F on the radio. you might have to search for your local station. for me in seattle it is 91.3fm.

Bernie Sanders used to be a regular visitor, every friday “Brunch with Bernie!” he would just take calls from people with questions. now with the campaign,…Bernie doesnt have the time obviously. but that should give anyone an idea of the type of program the ThomHartmannShow is. its what i like to call…the one and only media source that provides facts!
check it out http://www.thomhartmann.com/

91.3 is my favorite station. It has opened many musical doors and expanded my world. I used to be a sustaining member until money got tight. Been listening to em for more than ten years.

right on.
i tune in mostly for the thom show,…but i have enjoyed a lot of the cultural music when i tune in early.
especially guitar based songs…i dont know what artist it was but a few weeks ago i heard this classical style guitar song that had me mesmerized :slight_smile:

As for Thom I am also a fan. I just try and understand that we all are Americans. That everyone has a voice to be heard- that’s the way it used to be at least, pre citizens united. I may not support conservative politics but I would take up arms before we instill a one party system.
What are you currently growing? Do you have a favorite smoke, like 707 headband, Jack Herer etc?
My self - I plan on growing 6-8 gold leaf over the summer in my back yard.
I have an excellent indoor grow set up but I am taking a break. Last year I grew nurse jackie and some freebie bubblegum in my backyard. I still have half a pound clean cured top quality smoke.

Big fan of the Thom

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currently growing 4more WhiteWidow, 2BlueBerry, 1 GrandDaddyPurp and 1BlueDream (those seeds are pricey) also 1Chocolate-mint from humbolt seeds and Berry-bomb, some version of plush-berry i believe. i just like the colorful strains heh.

as for my favorite, thats easy. BlueDream. the taste, the smell, the head-buzz…love it!
ill smoke some of that stuff,…hit a playlist of backing tracks on youtube and grab my guitar. before i know it 2 hours have passed, i feel like Jimi just played the starspangledbanner, my fingers are all ouchy, and not even a suicide bomber could wipe the smile off my face. thats hard to beat lol.

i have about 12-13 oz. of the whitewidow i just harvested, so i dont really need to start more but,…really enjoy growing, and really looking forward to GDP and Choco-mint.