Do you think this setup will suffice?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I’m only planning to grow 2 or 3 plants at a time so was thinking a 3’ by 3’ grow room from Secret Jardin, with ducting and 4" in line fan included for exhaust as well as a small 4" for intake and a 6" clip on fan for airflow as well as a 600w Viparspectra full spectrum grow light.

Do you think this setup will suffice?

I would recommend a 6 in exhaust as if you decide to upgrade lighting in the future you won’t have to buy a different exhaust fan. (I’m going through this right now) and have to order new exhaust fan.
That light will veg that space decent but your gonna need more light to flower. That’s a 600 led but in all honesty probably not much more than 200 w from wall. Don’t get me wrong that light will grow some decent buds but with only 1 light your yield will suffer a bit


Thanks a lot for the advice. Not planning to upgrade to more cuz this is strictly personal use. Do you recommend a 900w led and a slightly bigger carbon filter to accommodate the increased exhaust?

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If there is no possible way you are going to upgrade (I only grow personal myself) but prefer to use most effecient way than your equipment will work and if it were me I would get a couple 300-450 watt models so you can stagger them and get a better footprint but that’s me

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Alright cool. Sounds like a good plan. Was getting a bit worried with the coverage area of a single light but I’m guessing you’re right regarding two lights. Thanks again. Blaze one fi di nation.

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I have a 3 x 3, also have 4" exaust fan w/carbon filter ( not in line ) I have it duckted to a close window, and just draw air from the interior of the house. Also have 6" fan for circulation. I have a Phlizon, 1200W triple chip LED light. I have had a pretty good grow so far, but I will add another light before my next grow, two of those lights would be the ultimate in that small tent. Good luck, and happy growing :slight_smile: PS. the lights are available on Amazon for $135 bucks, one is great, two would be better or better.

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Thanks for the input Pat2. Seen the Phlizon lights and was a bit worried cuz I couldn’t believe an LED that size would be worth the low price it is. Have you had any problems with the light so far? Was looking at a more reliable brand like Marshydro or Viparspectra. How many plants do you grow under those specs btw?

3’x3’ will be small for 2 plants, and far too small for 3.

3’x3’ will require 450 watts at the wall, not Chinese panel “marketing” watts. Look at lec’s, cob lights and quantum boards.

I’m sure @Drinkslinger is right. And if you have the $$ I’m sure you can buy some terrific LED lights. This was my first grow, and I baught all my stuff on Amazon. I was looking for the most wattage I could afford, and settled on that one. All I can say is to this point, I have not been disappointed. Everyone says the life blood of the plant is “light” , and you really can’t have to much. The advice I have gotten from @Drinkslinger and a bunch of other people like him has been great. I started six, I put two outside when I flipped them, have four still in tent, next grow I will do two plants , four is to crowded for 3 x 3. I think I could get same or better yield with two in SCROG. Good luck, and have fun !

@Hashisheeb If you can go 4x4x8…it will be best. Only a few $ more. And the extra head room is critical. It is a common mistake to let plants get too tall in veg phase. Once they start flowering, they will double in height in two weeks.
From one who knows first hand, when your Ladies touch the lights…it is sad to see the tips getting burnt. That’s where the goodies are.

Thanks for the advice everyone. Unfortunately the space I have can only accommodate a 3’ x 3’. Was planning to use mostly autoflowering seeds to keep the size manageable in the small space and grow 2 plants. Was gonna try to do some training on them if I saw they were crowding each other too much. Changed my order to 2 X 450 watt led so I think that should cover the light issue. Let me know your thoughts

If your going to grow autos, you could probably go with three plants, they grow smaller than photos, and will give you a smaller yeild. I have been thinking about doing that grow over the winter, and doing two photo’s in the spring . This is all new to me too, I think it’s great to have that quick grow option. Gotta make that equip. pay for itself.

What do you guys recommend for intake? Would I need a separate 4" fan to draw air to inside the tent? Was wondering if I could get away with not having it and just put some kind of a filter to prevent dust and crap getting into the grow tent.

I have a 4" exaust fan w /filter drawing air out of the tent and out a window. I am just binging the air from my house through the tent. Also have 6" fan blowing things around. If you are thinking about one of the inline fans, I would save my money, it won’t last, and it won’t work very well with a carbon filter, just not enough draw. You will need to draw the heat out, especially if you go with HPS

Alright guys. Seriously rethought my setup. I’ll give you guys the full breakdown.

Living in a country which has relative humidity of 80% and a constant of 28 to 32 degree weather all year round. Tropics. Go figure.

I have decided on two options for the tents. Either a 2’ x 4’ tent or a 3’ x 3’ tent.

I will have 2 X 450 watt VIPARSPECTRA led lights for the whole cycle. I.e. Veg and flowering.

I have a 6" exhaust fan connected to a 6" carbon filter and the exhaust leading out of the tent.

I will also have a 6" or 7.5" fan inside the tent just for air circulation.

Plan to have 2 to 3 plants going at once and not more than that.

My questions regarding this are:

  1. Will this setup be okay for 2 to 3 plants for their full cycle, I.e germination to veg to flowering? Bear in mind I plan to do autos mostly.

  2. Is the light setup fine for the area and will it be sufficient for the full grow cycle or do I need to rethink this?

  3. Will I need an intake fan to drawn air from outside the tent to the inside to keep negative pressure inside the tent?

  4. Would I be better off with a 3’ x 3’ tent or a 2’ x 4’ tent?

  5. I’ve been looking at COB leds and was wondering if I could replace the two 450 watts with a COB 450 watt and if it will be enough for the full cycle for my plants?

Thanks in advance for the feedback.