Do you think she’s ready to harvest?

Does she look ready to harvest yet? I coulda swore she had more brown hairs, they might be falling off. That’s about as close to the trichomes as I can get to look for amber.
P.s it seems like the lower buds have more brown pistols and some of the pistols on the top look burnt or eaten off.

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Pistils are still white, has a few weeks to go yet.


Welcome ! Nice plant keep taking care the plant, she has more to offer. Still got a few weeks. Pistols will turn Amber and then start receding back into the bud itself.


No it still looks like maybe 3 weeks those pistils are still White and the trichomes are not finished Let Her Go


Very good pictures what did you use to take those?
Buds look awesome also!

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They look great man @Covertgrower and @kellydans they y’all deff got u covered man u will know once all those white hair’s are orange brown and cloudy trichs with some amber depending on ur preference of course great grow bud keep on keeping on brother


If u can get a digital microscope or something to get closer to the trichs u would be able to tell alot easier also man :v:

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They have these really cool lenses that you can buy, they attach to your cell phone, mine came with a four pack
one is a super long one that makes things that are really far away …super super close up then there’s a panoramic a wide lens and a bubble lens, but it’s just a clip you clip it onto your cell phone on the back side where it’s the largest lens adjust it so it’s showing what you want Wella and now you have a super close-up lens… or whichever one you choose to use, and then you have your cell phone that you can make it even closer up and they’re pretty reasonably priced I think mine were under 15 bucks

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