Do you think its Mold? Or chrystalls

Hi guys, is it supposed to look like this? This white powder? I hope it’s just crystals. What would you say?

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Does it wipe off easily? If not I would say thc but not positive on that

It does not wipe off, and it smells allright too

Seconded…if it doesn’t wipe off and leave a chalky looking residue on your finger tip it most likely isn’t WPM


You can always spray a little peroxide/water on it and see if it disappears. If it does; there’s wpm. I would also suggest doing a bud wash when you harvest just for GP.


Looks like mold, you better send the whole batch to me, I wouldn’t want you to get sick…

I think you are good. If you have a loop or magnification tool that would help, but looks normal to me.


2nd pic down is that bud rot?

Yeah, it might be a little there. I picked most of it, but keep finding more here and there after drying. I got hit with pretty much everything possible this season. You name it, I got it

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Lol, thanks AAA. That’s what I hope.

I can’t put my finger on it, but somehow it doesn’t look right.
Zooming in, all I see are trichomes. But the color looks off. Perhaps there’s some lingering bud rot? Gently pull open the buds. If it’s brown in there it’s not good.

H2o2 bath will eliminate some mold, but bud rot is straight garbage.

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I agree that little rot may be present. I also think there may be dirt stuck to the trichs maki g them look off color

Do you see that on the 2nd picture?

Yeah. Kinda looks that way. I’ve had plants grown indoors look that way. Is it dusty where you live or are farmers harvesting around you?

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It all started good, but got lots of rains a couple of weeks before harvest. I had 2 locations, maybe thousand feet from each other. There was bud rot in one location, but not on the other, not even a bit

But it got hit with hemp borers instead

Just don’t cure a bud that shows any rot with buds that don’t. Even if you surgically removed it .

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Mold never wipes off easy. I’ve seen plenty on cigars. It will stain the wrapper. But if the plant is super sticky, it’s like playing Roulette with a revolver. If you have a microscope to 120x +, you can see what it really looks like. Especially if it goes to 1k magnification.

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