Do you think it’s pottasium deficiency?


I would have thought most of Europe would be better with their water than that


if your ppm dropped by 1 full point and ppm dropped by 80 than is this because your plant is eating or because minerals are settling?
A typical trend would be ph rises as plants are eating since the nutrients effect the ph
Res size is everything when looking for stable conditions a smaller res warms faster and holds less nutrients and less water I would also expect a plant that size to be happier in a ppm 600-700 if not lower a ppm around 1000 is more what I would expect to see in a plant during flower


How should I mix the nutes then? Because I’m following the GH drain to waste chart. Also I get aprox 300ppm extra due to the cal mag I don’t know if it’s normal or no. Just today I bought a 10 and 15 liter bucket to test them out :slight_smile: @Donaldj


if you are using DWC system or any hydro system why refer to a soil chart?
I mix everything in Gal so bare with me while I think this one through just getting first coffee into me too :wink: Try this variation of Lucas Formula 3ml Micro 6 ml Bloom (No Grow) 4ml CalMag
It is a simple 1 part micro 2 parts bloom ratio


I will elaborate so this makes more sense Hydro is recirculating system to start with :wink: so the GH chart you would want to refer to would be Recirculating if you want to use their chart. Lucas Formula is a simple and effective variation using basic building blocks of GH 3 part micro provides most of the micro nutrients with a high ratio of NPK where bloom fills any missing links while helping to keep Ratio correct the addition of CalMag actually adds the N which would be in grow :wink: back into mix. This is a MMJ formula GH designed their products to grow food in space not MJ so it is only natural to have to adjust it to more proven methods but it is still one of the cleanest and best sourced nutrient lines if being 3 part it is very versatile and readily adjusted to suit ones needs or skill level or just to experiment and play around with till you find what works for you :slight_smile:


Whaaat? so this one is a soil nute chart not hydro chart?


The one you want


Yeah I saw that, will definetly give a try to lucas formula, so I just need to add 8ml micro and 16ml bloom for every 1 gallon right? @TDubWilly


If that’s what it calls for then sure, I didn’t even read it, I just screen shot it for you, I use their products but I add nutrients according to my tds meter and what stage of its life cycle its in.


I meant for the lucas formula :stuck_out_tongue:


start lighter 6 M 12 B or even less the goal is to have an ideal ppm while still providing enough nutrients at 8 16 ppm will be closer to 1200-1300 you are not in flower and I don’t see a 3’-4ft plant in this post which would have need of so high a ppm start small it’s easy to add more if your plant wants. Nute burn sucks




Thankyou very much everyone who tried to help but @Donaldj mate you made me aware that I was using the wrong nutes chart. I changed to the recirculating one and it’s doing great now. it was a deficiency after all (the led lighting makes it look a different color she’s a bright ish green :stuck_out_tongue:) the brown bits are from last weeks they stopped going bad and growing at a very fast pace. One question I want to ask because I’m a bit confused about, the water I will add to the mixture must be plain water or mixed with nutes? I use distilled so what should I add to add in? Thanks.


Well if you are mixing with distilled water in turn you would add same ph’d to top off between changes


I use distilled water in the bucket and add calmag and the nutes, but the water I need to add in the mixture must be distilled alone or I add calmag/nutes?


Distilled alone but ph corrected between res changes but it greatly depends on your ppm in res if ppm is dropping you can add nutes raises then don’t


Gotcha thanks