Do you think it’s pottasium deficiency?


That leave is a bit old it’s from the last water change I did, the other leaves looks like they are getting better but what was the problem before I changed the water? Pottasium? Light? Nute burn? I’m curious


Looks bit like nitrogen brun to me


You need to give more info
we can guess all day long lol
What are your ppm and ph levels to start with
Also temperature of water as well all important info
I’m thinking it’s a ph issue myself


PPM are at 1070 that being CalMag 4ml, GH soft micro 6ml, GH Gro 6ml and GH Bloom 2.5ml (Using distilled water, starting ppm was 10ppm). pH it started out at 5.8 but now it went up to 6.2 I don’t know how I should keep it stable, what I think the problem is that the pH went up and it locked out the potassium. Temp of water is 19-20 celcius @Countryboyjvd1971


@Laqwanies I am thinking that it’s your ph
But I’m not a hydro guy
@Donaldj @ktreez420 are two guys that do hydro
Also @Myfriendis410 I believe as well
I do t want to steer you wrong so I will gracefully bow out and let them assist you
But from what your saying it sounds like you need to get the ph stable :+1:


Just new to these forums so I don’t know what people are into but thanks for letting me know about them, I will ask them for recommendation to keep the pH stable.


Yeah it’s all good my friend and welcome to the forum
We have a great membership here
All friendly peeps so just hang around read other threads and get to know us you’ll figure it all out soon enough
I know enough about hydro to get us both in trouble lol
I’m a soil guy and do grow indoors and out
Agian I think your on the right track you ppm sound ok as well so ph is probably the issue with the hydro plants react a lot faster then soil :+1: @Laqwanies
Don’t panic you’ll get the help you need


That’s using your noodle :+1:

Reservoir change to fresh water, Reset PH, and cut ppm in half for the next week or two should fix it whether it be this problem or that problem…

Also make sure your pumping plenty of o² into that water :+1:


@TDubWilly I wasn’t aware your a hydro guy that good to know
He was wondering has to stabilize the ph as well or it that done with the res change ?
I don’t know much about it so I’m learning as well lol


I’m doing coco but following.


Hello @Myfriendis410 yeah can’t help but learn something on the forum hahaha
I pick up new info daily :+1:


It doesn’t look like a lockout but more of a burn. Your values are good but if you had a serious departure on the ph that could do it.

The problem is that your solution has a higher alkalinity than you want and you are lowering the ph. That’s only temporary and it will revert to nearly it’s old values. If you have a large reservoir that will help to resist changes.


@Myfriendis410 his ph is wandering fro 5.8-6.2 ? I think that’s enough to cause the issue ?


Yeah, but 6.2 isn’t that bad. @Laqwanies did you double check the calibration on the ph meter?

All of your tds values and mix quantities tally up and the amounts used are nice and conservative. If you are confident in your ph values I would monitor and maintain 5.5 to 5.8. Those burned areas won’t recover so you’ll just have to watch the new growth.


I just checked, the temp is 21c, the ppm is 990 but for some reason the pH went down to 5.2 wtf I know she’s been drinking a lot lately. I will change the water next Saturday what do you guys recommend I aim for ppm/pH?


@Laqwanies I’m sure @Donaldj will see the tags in a few hours and get back to you he’s good with the hydro stuff hahahah


I’ve done both, in actuality whether it be nute burn, nute deficiency, or PH imbalance, starting with a clean slate should help any of them.

That’s why I threw out the fresh reservoir change.

I also mentioned the pumping of plenty of oxygen into the water because you can offset water temps, to a point, by adding more dissolved O². Any temps beyond about 78 degrees and it’s going to be difficult to pump enough oxygen in there to offset the rising water temps. If your roots are nice and white and there is no funny smells coming from your resovoir then you probably don’t have root rot.


Ok oh sounds good and logical @TDubWilly
Is there a way to Stabilize the ph ? Or just monitoring and adjust the best way ?
Curious about that


Monitor! It will always change given time, at least in my experience.

One other thing, the smaller reservoir, the quicker the PH get off.

I have a four and an eight gallon reservoir and the 4 gallon gets out of whack twice as fast as the 8 gallon


:+1: that about sums it up