Do you think I am ready to harvest Or flush?

Trying to judge by the Trichrons but I think they still clear, or would you class them as milky?
Is it possible that I have missed it and it’s gone from Amber back to clear. They just seemed to have more a few weeks ago although the plant clearly didn’t look ready? First grow. Only just read that I should be checking for these.
It has been about 64 days of 12/12.
A few top heads, leaf starting to go yellow.

what strain are they ? .but anyway to soon for chop by the look of it, lot of white hairs still they look active but not long .

I say they also don’t look finished 64 days is like 9 weeks , and it may take 11 or so for that strain . It’s vitally important you check the trichomes with jewels loop or magnifying glass to make sure and not guess , especially after waiting that long to make progress …looks good though , thanks for sharing .

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Not sure of strain as got from friend as clone. This is my first indoor try. Their (friend) seem to take less but they have 3 lights I have two. Thanks for your help, appreciate

Thanks, I have just in last few days been using magNi flying glass but so hard to tell. I think they still clear, maybe milky. Hard also under lights. Just freaking that it taken so long and I don’t want to stuff them. Have purchased,some white,widow from Ilgm and can’t wait it grow and follow schedule.
Thanks for hour help, much appreciated.

You really need to get a 40x . They are really cheap on Amazon…

I would wait another week. Take your time when looking under the scope. They will srart to change to amber. Your just being inpatient that’s all.
Iem the the same way, as a matter of fact I think we all are.

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So would you recommend that I start flushing Monday or Tuesday next week?
Thanks to everyone for help :slight_smile:

Keep checking till you see 40 to 50-% Amber you’ll be glad you did.
I am right Where you with my plants. Mine are just starting to change to amber so Monday I may start flushing

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NO. As long as your plant is producing new whit pistils, you have a ways to go. All those white pistils should turn Reddish-Orange, and then you need to monitor the trichomes for proper balance of clear, cloudy, and amber colors in order to determine when to harvest.

You may have as much as a month left.


VY … hang in there … I am the queen of impatience! It’s really hard right now as the buds are growing so fast and you just want them to hurry up and be done!

It looks like he started the flush early , but even after the big cut , you either bag them in a brown bag , or hang them in a dark less humid closet or box with good air flow and temps . Once dry , you still have another week or two from the drying curing in mason jars and burping the jars every 4-6 hours a day .

You kill me me…lol. The infamous Ms Impatience!! Somebody got to be it…lol

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So true, afraid it could be bold by the time it’s ready, lol.
Will try to be patient.

You’ll be fine VY. When she’s ready…You’ll be all smiles.:smile:

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Garrigan … everybody’s got to be good at something! :smiley:

That they do sweetheart, yes they do

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Patience is something we all don’t have when you start your first grow.
You will be really happy in a month or so. :sunglasses::deciduous_tree::ghost:

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Do you think I can move this along faster by cutting lights back more? Maybe 11 on 13 off?

Yes you can by a week or two,use 11/13 or 10/14