Do you think a Golden Leaf Male would be a good match for White Widow Fem?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Do you think a Golden Leaf Male would be a good match for White Widow Fem, an are you selling any male seeds, or what do you think would be a good cross? I received my seeds, thank you, I haven’t strated germination as of yet cause we live In Michigan, which is a Northern state in the USA, any information you can provide me would be great, as this is only the second yr I have been growing, but already have learned alot, an it’s funny cause the water you germinate your seeds, I done it to my seeds last year an I done it that way from growing up on a Farm since I was young an my father taught me alot about seeds an seedlings an how to sprout them an all, so thought it was cool that your technique was the same as my fathers, we had wonderful garden, thanks again for your time, I will be waiting for your answer, I know I am going to enjoy your seeds, thank you, Robin Johnson!

Reg seeds have potential to be either male or female and are best choice for breeding crossed strains, any strains can be crossed but results will vary greatly as to what traits and genes will come out. Breeding always takes time to do right requiring plants to mature at each step from first cross to second back breeding which locks in genes for more stable results. Much like children some genes express as dominant and some recess knowing results is more trial and error