Do you smoke weed straight


how does Amsterdam people smoke weed…thanks


Like you do. like we all do


na I mean with putting ciggys with your mull


I put CIG if I’m smoking bongs , straight if having a blunt or vaping., for some reason I couch my gut’s up if straight ,in a bong, but I don’t use water in bongs always dry.


I’ll have to try vape…just bongs for me. atm



I just don’t get that buzz/body rush with vaping. I am pretty disappointed with that. It’s a lot easier on your lungs but loses some of the kick.

Bought a Grenco G-Pen Elite and also burned it in for 4 full battery charges worth (20 cycles or so) and still tastes like paint (with nothing in the chamber). Less than at first but still some. Loaded it up and just not as good as smoking it.

Anybody else have this problem with G-Pens?


Yeah I think vaporising is proper pants, I tried to do my homework and went with the crater deluxe, and it cost like £130-ish , so I was trying to buy the high end and I’m thoroughly disappointed, hardly any smoke, it seems to just feel empty,not getting anything from it and no buzz at all, if anything wots left seems decarbonised ,I have quit the tobacco but still like a smoke, and I have terminal emphysema so I want it for that to, so I would say save your money just buy some green :wink:


I just sent it back to Grenco- hope they replace it as there is something funky with that one. Something un-cured in the chamber? They say its a ceramic chamber but if it is molded ceramic, may be improperly cured.


Vaping should not be like smoking. You don’t have all the nasty byproducts of combustion and you still get the vaporized THC, etc. But it is vapor, not smoke, so the whole experience will be different. Still- it should have the same effect as smoking, I believe.


Was reading that vaping is supposed to get you higher because of the concentration of pure thc. I have a dry herb vape that I feel works good and definitely gets you high. It seems to take a little bit before the high hits you. Another thing the article mentions is that if your mind thinks you are getting higher by smoking and not with vaping then it will not work as good. If that makes any sense.


it’s a different high. It’s not the same as smoking. But I can get just as high! Lol.


Personally enjoy a little certified organic tobacco as the addition to a joint, yet nothing but dry bud for the bong/vape medicine


I agree. I tested it out this morning as a matter of fact. Yup I got high both times hahaha


Straight crooked or sideways :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you guys are not getting buzzed vaping you are doing it wrong. Check out the volcano, love that thing.


Bong, water pipe, pipe, joint, blunt, volcano, lectric smoke gun, may start out straight but not when I’m done.


Bong, Vape


Dry bong,but no not straight, always dump some keif in😂


Pipe, bong, vape (volcano or Pax2, volcano is best but not portable)


Can’t smoke joints anymore…they bother my digestion…vape or a one hit bowl most of the time works just fine…but vaping uses to much of my meds… :smile: