Do you remove small lower buds when defoliating?

I’m thinking my girls down. I’m about 6 weeks into flower and I’m curious about what to take and what to leave behind. I know many say the bottom third of the plant or anything blocking light but I have a couple questions.

  1. Do you remove small buds at the bottom or leave them?
  2. Do you remove smaller offshoot stems? Pic below
  3. What if a leaf is blocking light but is high up and near a bud site? Do you take that or will that harm bud development?

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Depends on my plans for the plant… On my girl I have in flower now I removed everything at the first node and all the growth on one side of the main stem at nodes 2 and 4 because LST left it on the underside of the stem. Then I removed every potential bud site that was more than 3 nodes from the top of its stem, but I only pruned leaves that were seriously damaged or growing from the underside of the stalk.


I marked the ones I could see. Pinch them off so what they would otherwise consume can go to the upper buds.


Looks about like I I would do.


This is hydro in a SCROG: same thing applies. You strip everything off the understory and that includes any flower. You end up with:

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@beardless is correct with those little buds. They won’t amount to much, I’d snip them off.

I’d leave the larger fan leaves. You can tuck them out of the way if they block light. If you run into deficiencies they give a buffer.

Ya think it’s too late to clip the lower flowers on this one and just let it go? It is an auto about 4 weeks into flower.


A lot of people defoliate on days 21 and 42 of flower, I think. @Arrow @kaptain3d defoles on days 21 and 42, right?

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Right. @imSICKkid talked a few of us about it. It comes from Greengene… very cool …

But we all do it on Photos…not autos, afaik…


Lots of good info from GreenGene.

True, but not to their extent…:sunglasses::v: