Do you recycle soil?

Hey I was wondering if any of you recycle soil?

My thoughts are, if you use soil without any nutrients and, you add all your own. Even if you do not add your own and it already has nutrients in it. Couldn’t you just flush it to clear it all out? It would save a hell of a lot of money I would think

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Some do, some don’t. I empty my pots into my garden so the soil doesn’t go to waste. I believe people with bigger pots, and definitely living soil grows use it over and over.

You can get soil tests so you know which nutrients to add in after each run.

Right now I grow in smaller pots, 2-7 gallons so it’s cheaper to get new soil than to test and amend.

I grow in living soil now and reuse mine and keep all the little roots where those good microbes live. I usually spruce it up a bit with some fresh amendments.

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I use fresh, but it’s at least partially because I’m still new to this

I figure if I cut out places where my lack of knowledge can screw me over, the better

I’m using ffof and jacks when the plant tells me she needs it

My root balls are always so dense that shaking soil out of them to recycle it isn’t worth the effort.


Roots, dirt, and the fabric pot get thrown out at the end of each grow, but I suppose you could reuse soil if you get the nutrients right.

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If you are growing in a living soil your soil actually gets better after every use if you take care of the soil between grows that is