Do you recommend to using colloidal silver


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Hi there I’ve just been reading up about using colloidal silver to promote growth of pollen sacks on females. Do you recommend it? If so, will I be able to cross my amnesia haze, northern lights and blueberry strains (all auto seeds)?


It does work, been doing that for years, but pollen control is VERY difficult. If you do that to more than one plant, you’ll never really know if the pollen you intentionally added or some other pollen carried by the air from a different plant helped form any given seed. Also, autos develop so fast it can be hard to get a branch to grow male flowers fast enough to be of use, as too late in the flowering cycle the plant may be too close to death to properly develop seeds. Autos do just lose vigor and die eventually.
Finally, yeah, you can cross all of those, but if you are not really clear on your Mendellian genetics, you may be surprised to (e.g.) find not all of the seeds will necessarily be auto flowering.
Al that said, it’s interesting and enjoyable to do, you will learn a lot so go for it. It will teach you how difficult breeding actually is.
Oh, and consider all plant material exposed to the silver to be toxic and under no circumstances should you consume anything from the parts of the plant directly sprayed. the rest of the plant is perfectly safe from contamination though, so only spray a smell part of one branch.


Hey @SquidGrow a few questions. How do you make colloidal silver? I read about it somewhere, was just wondering if you do it the same way.
If I did this to a photo period plant, would the genetics be stable enough?
This process sounds like it should be done in a isolated tent with one plant for best results.
I might try this, and would love a bit more information, it sounds like you have completed the process.


You can make it yourself with a couple of real silver coins … or you can buy it at the pet store , it’s used as an antibiotic spray… I will take a pic of the stuff that I buy when I get home… @Covertgrower



Wow, thanks @peachfuzz I’ve read about the process, but interested to know the techniques that may be applied from someone who has done this. I would like to give it a go. Who doesn’t want more seeds?


Here you go… this stuff works amazingly… I can heal a deep cut in a week … and I mean stitches kind of cut… works awesome on my girls to force to shoot Male pollen also…

Also just in case you were wondering… this is safe for human consumption… here’s another pic of directions… I use this stuff all the time on me and my pets… and plants when I want to cross genetics…



Be careful with that colloidal silver. This guy turned himself blue lol


Thanks again @peachfuzz I’ll try and locate this and give it a go.


I should actually buy stock in this product since I use and promote it so much… it really speaks for itself… amazing… product… :wink:
Also … there’s no worries of being a big , blue berry… lol :wink: :grin:


@peachfuzz I didn’t think there was. So I just spray this on and wait for seeds to form? Just want to do it correctly. Found a different brand, but it’s 100 ppm. Still food safe. Probably will still work?
EDIT: As far as genetics go, self pollination will work fine how many times before it causes problems?


You want to spray a branch in the first 2 to 4 weeks of light flip … the sooner the better… that plant will shoot nanners and produce Male pollin … from that plant … if it’s the only plant in the room …it will cross with its self… if you have other strains in the tent also , it will cross with them as well…
I like to put a fan in there with a couple of strains that I’m trying to cross… more chances of success…
I usually get about 20 to 40 viable seeds with this method… but so far it really kicks a$$ … :wink:



I actually have ilgm strains crossed with some of my own strains… hope there not mad… but I really like to pick and choose my traits in my medicine… :wink:



I would make the colloidal silver instead of buying it, then you can know it’s pure and how much silver content is in it. It is very easy to make a generator. And it is very easy to use to get a female to produce pollen sacs, even spraying a single part of that plant and getting it to grow pollen sacs, then pollenating herself with it, creating feminized seeds.


I will be certain to follow your instructions. Cross pollination I would only allow with healthy strong plants within the same strain. I’m not trying to get too crazy yet. But, just maybe. :wink: @peachfuzz


It’s even easier then that some times… let her flower for 13 to 16 weeks and you should end up with a couple of seeds… :wink:



Yes, that does happen that way sometimes as well. I got a few from my first grow. I saved them as if they were gold. @peachfuzz I just wanted a way to make a few more than just the random few.


Here is an excerpt on another forums. I take no credit for this whatsoever and give 100% credit to its author Everythingshazy from RUI.
I shouldnt be breaking any rules by posting this screenshot.


That’s why were here… lol :wink:
Share the luv… I’m here so that you succeed no matter what… when it comes to mj… :heart_eyes::smirk:



I would love to try doing this method. It looks exciting to say the least. Breeding would be a major goal I have when I acquire some more skill


There is also a spread sheet that Robert put on this site that explains basically the same thing… no harm no foul… but it is easier to just buy it… bottle only cost me $15 US bucks … and like I said … last week I cut my arm so deep that I was for sure going to the er… well a lil duck tape and this and I’m all healed up In 1 week… no bull… i luv This stuff…