Do you really have to sign for seeds

I paid 25$ for shipping and read that it requires a signature is this true

@Nell1 if sent payment registered they need to sign when they receive it
If you requested they ship beans to you registered then yes you’ll need to sign


I did not have to sign for my order. I purchased mine a few years ago and I don’t remember what shipping option I choose, but I don’t remember having to choose a shipping option.

The only time I was asked to pick was when sending cash they asked if I wanted it sent registered I didn’t choice registered myself

Thanks guys I was beginning to think I would never get and answer and with tracking they only gave me the US postal tracking why they don’t let yku track on both ends

My very first order was with the $25 dollar shipping and I did not have to sign for it. Although ILGM may have sent it like they always do and just kept the 25 bucks lol. All my orders after that I did free shipping and they came in the same amount of time.

As @Countryboyjvd1971 said if you requested a signature then you won’t get them until you sign for them.

Im not sure how to start a new thread but im a first time buyer of seeds from ilgw. Had a question concerning cash payment.

Hey @Drillbit welcome to Ilgm forum.
What’s your questions concerning cash. That’s the only way I’ve got them from here

I just wanted to know if i had to specify in the card that the number written is an order number or will they automatically know whats up? I just wrote number only. I sent it priority mail as well. Wasnt sure if sending it priority was a problem or not. I also sealed the cash in aluminium foil as instructed. Im just worried i may have done something wrong. Never done this with cash before. Would have done it with a card but dont have ■■■■■■■■■■. Plus it wasn’t the preferred method and of course i wanna respect ilgm community. You think there’s anything to worry about?

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No not at all! Sounds like you did it right.
Nothing but the # wrote on the card with the cash wrapped in foil.
I do this exactly and have received both my orders!
50 seeds total
No problem
And just to let you know use the @ symbol in front of a user name to tag them so they see your response.
Keep em green

Np. Will do. Thanks @Nug-bug!

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@Nug-bug, how long does it normally take for you to get an email verification of your cash having been recieved by ilgm? The tracking info says it was delivered to CA yesterday. Still no email yet.

First time seems like it was 14 ,15 days.
The 2nd time think I got confirmation in 10 days.
Then about 10-12 days had my seeds :sunglasses:

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Sweet! Thanks again @Nug-bug! I was hoping id get the confirm when it reached Cali, but they probably don’t confirm till it reaches overseas. :+1:

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@Drillbit you should be good

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I know, I’ve had them a while now. In fact, here are the results so far;

Gorgeous what is it