Do you play your plants music?

I’ve played mine roughly 16 hours of classical music since the start. I looked into different studies and what not and it appears that classical music is the most beneficial, but more specifically the violin. The plants can’t hear the music obviously… but it’s the soundwaves they create that seem to be beneficial for the plants. I try to time the music to stop when the light goes out. Idk if it helps or not… but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Death metal and rock straight up killed the plants.

Here are 2 really interesting videos in regards to sounds and how plants perceived them. I’m a firm believer that plants are far more alive than most people realize… I think these 2 videos kind of drive my theory.


My ladies get a quality dose of Metallica or Avenged Sevenfold every time I open the tent to care for them. If classical music is good I may start giving them some Apocalyptica. About as close to classical as I can handle.



Classical and violin stuff isn’t my jam either.

I think it’s the prolonged exposure that helps or hurts. Metal/death metal is abrasive and sudden while classical is gradual and soft. It had something to do with how the soundwaves helped the plants move things through their stalks and leaves due to the soundwaves. I can’t remember now… rofl… I went down a rabbit hole as usual.


My ladies get a dose of punk/metal everytime we hang out. Im not sure they like it buuuut like i tell the kids when you buy the radio you can pick the music…lol
And im not sure im entirely trusting anything ikea (the lets illegally source lumber, clear cut forrest, and then buy a bunch of forests so no one can say we do it illegally furniture company) has to say. F$#% ikea.
Sorry went on a little rant there…

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LOL… all good man. I’ve got thick skin and I’m def not sweating some corp like IKEA. I was merely trying to portray what I’ve always thought about plants… but has been resolidified on this cannabis growing journey.

I truly believe plants are way more alive and intuitive than we realize. It fills my heart with joy when I have living plants around me flourishing. We’re equally beneficial.

Fudgicles… im high.


@anon83760598 Definitely wasn’t a barb aimed at you. Nothing but respect for you. Definitely a dig at ikea but no way at all to you. If im on here long enough you’ll notice my anti capitalist views and constant belittling of just about any corporation. Apologies in advance i just can’t help it.

But 100% on board with plants are more alive than we know. Stare at them long enough and you’ll see them breathe. Or take the short cut and eat a bunch of mushrooms.

I read a study somewhere that garden soils helped release serotonin. Maybe that’s why I’m always so happy when my hands are dirty. If i ever find it ill post a link. A few of you may find it interesting


Mine get crosby stills and nash mostly snd a little grateful dead or jgb

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I grow in my basement. I work from home in my basement. My plants get a wide variety of tunes for at least 8-9 hours a day.


Check out Dan Carlson’s Sonic Bloom system for prior art.

My tents are in my home office too so they get to listen to whatever I am. I like to give them regular doses of the Rite of Spring but other than that they get the usual smörgåsbord.

ALWAYS. They seem to love it. You can almost watch them dance!!!

Mine only like Willy Nelson and Snoop Dogg. Go figure???

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I did notice some differences this year, I didn’t play music. Just local rock station when I did.

We plantz and I listen to K-LOVE
PLANTS ARE THRVING. @Newt @poly @Beginner3400@Putz


What differences did you notice?

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Size is down some. Sativa hit the roof, 7ft, previously. About a foot difference in height. I’ll be playing music from now on. I start in March indoors, transfer to grow bags and greenhouse in about late April or May. Use kerosene for night heat. Use Fox Farm to fertilize.

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I play them classical music via an old phone. I’m also able to link that old phone with windows, so I can use the camera to monitor the temp/humidity remotely.

I haven’t landed on a soil type yet (for upcoming transplant) and probably won’t invest much time into researching it. I’m going to mix some fox farms and some other stuff around here together and shoot from the hip. I should be able to shift and shape the soil into what I want… but again… not going to invest a lot of time. My plan is to go RDWC on the next grow and skip soil altogether.

No I actually don’t but I might my next grow. I hear music is good for them

My taste in music has changed as I age so I try to do the same for my plants. Seedlings- Jerry Garcia and Robert Grisman “not for kids only” Freight train, teddy bears picnic etc.
early veg (adolescence), - Black Sabbath, Metallica, Alice cooper
Mid to late veg - Progressive rock, jazz, Old school reggae. Phish/ Dead
Flower- CSNY, Willie Nelson, Neil Young (northern strains) Deep South (southern)
Leading up to harvest I want to stress them out with 36hrs of Cher “Do you Belive?”
Harvest day- Don’t fear the reaper, Funeral for a friend, Take the A train, Great Gig in the Sky and Epitaph (King Crimson)

I play classical music for my plants while they’re lights are on. I feel like they enjoy may enjoy it, even if they don’t I do while I’m in there with them, so I see it as a win win. Lol. I’ll occasionally put on ambient forest sounds with animal noises to make them feel like they’re big mighty trees lmao.

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