Do You Mist as well as using a humidifier in Vegetation?


Do You Mist as well as using a humidifier in Vegetation…

if so;

How ?
How Much?
How Often?

If not;

Why Not?


Just a dome will work. I use bottom of water bottle and when leaves touch sides I remove for good


Don’t you have a life mate? @HornHead


Not sure why you would be replying to my thread… you just insult people and think everything is sweet ?

We went in any discussion, you just came right at me. If that would have happened face to face it wouldn’t have happened.

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On top of your insult a moderator @MattyBear and others liked your comment. So these guys laugh at that shit in their everyday lives or just when it’s in text on cyber.

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@MattyBear @Hogmaster

You enjoying this kinda teenager mentality?


Is there another problem @GreenCoat your teenage crap is what is getting old we are not here to babysit you all day this is a hole you are digging if you want to talk to @garrigan65 or @latewood please feel free but this crap is getting really old


What’s getting old exactly? Be clear to what you mean ?


Someone who missed the point then turned it on me, then banned me.
Designing banners to provide a creative means to the forum only to get shut down?
Or is it the fact that I’m calling you out for your unprofessionism?


Did you have permission to do that???


Do what? … stand up for myself?


Did you have permission to redo the artwork from the site? I can answer that for you and we are still having to deal with you on a daily basis Like I said before you either want the last word or you want things your way and it does not work that way here

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@Countryboyjvd1971 here you go


Wow. I love getting attacked for no reason… it’s a great way to wake up in the morning lol. I don’t have time for high school drama… “he liked a funny post about me so he must not like me”. Get over yourself. Good riddance.