Do you LOVE watching them grow? Photo's

Yesterday>>>>>Today… WooWoop


Yes we do like to watch them grow.



Today’s photo…

Lost in the Sixties

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Lookin good!

How well does the funnel watering work? Love the inguinity, good training on your plant.

IMHO…Stoned cold.
It was just an idea because my tent is vert challenged and I’m using a 5" deep 4 gal ‘dish pan’. The 1/2" plastic tube is buried half way down with 6-7 1/8" holes. Another pic coming.
Amazing how they ‘train’, looks like she’s going to be a short girl with a BIG butt. :heart_eyes:
Lost in the Sixties :star_struck: :v:

Am I rong to be pretty stoked about this?..End of the 5th week. :sunglasses:

Today’s update…
Changed the h2o feed, still using the funnel,(only to fill the bottle), but took a member’s advice about how to maintain it while away. Running a test to see which is best, one or two feeds
Let her loose two daze ago, free to wander now…woopwoop.

She told me she needed a change. Spun her around 180.
I believe she’s happy…what think the experts?

Lost in the Sixties :peace_symbol: