Do you let your plant sop up the runoff?"

I might be wrong but I thought if you water tell run off you want a 1/4 of what water to come out, so if u put a gallon in, you should 1/4 gallon run off. I feel like only getting a small amount of run off could give you false numbers. When I water run of test the first bit that comes, and test the middle part, and test the last part that comes out. Normally the middle test and last numbers are much closer, I feel like that give me a much more accurate account of what is going on in my soil. And that why you want more then just a little. But I’m no pro by any means and might be idk. Finished my first grow few months I grew 3 autos and averaged just under 5 oz per plant, which made me very happy, and after curing for about 60 days it knocks my socks off, but like said before no pro but that seemed to work for me. But more then 1 way to skin a cat so not saying I’m right by any means, that’s the way I did it, and when I started do it that way was able to eliminate most of the problems I was having.

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@MH47 I do basically the same thing. I’m a new to growing and just finished my first grow about 6 weeks ago.
I started off with my 5gal fabric pots on risers for about the first 5 weeks until I started getting runoff from a around gallon of water. The plants were drying out just about every day on the risers so I took them off the risers and put them down in the catch trays. I could let them go for two days or so without having to water, letting them wick up the runoff giving them 1-11/4 of water/ fert. I used the fox farm trio full strength after week 5-6 with a little Epsom salt and cal mag. I did have a to do two heavy flushes for the grow. From what I have read I think I did pretty descent with the grow. I had three plants that yielded a little over 13 zips of dried, to 11% buds, 1 over 12 and two just over 9 zips, and probably close to a zip of popcorn for each.
I just started my second grow and they will be wicking. Lol


Second grow…1st pic 14 days above ground, 2nd pic 24 days old, 3rd pic 30 days. They will be coming off the risers soon.


Posted pics backwards

Yep. Either that or mix it with a fresh batch of nutes for another feed or plant.

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@HRBJr Nice what strain? Photo or auto?

@GulfCoastGurilla Thanks man, they were autos GSCE from ILGM

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