Do you know what could be the cause of this condition on my plant?


A question of a fellow grower:
Do you know what could be the cause of this condition on my plant?


Looks like nute burn to me but I will tag @raustin. she is great at this stuff. We do need more info… ph of water in and out, TDS, lighting, age of girl, etc


Yes, it looks like either nute burn, or light burn. How close to the lights is she?


Hey @raustin looks like I am learning some stuff. Its because I have been listening to you. You are a GREAT teacher. Thank you for all your advice, help and caring!


Awe, thank you, @jt123, im glad you’re learning!


Thank you! I’m new on the forum. It was my mistake now I think the nutrients (small pills) I added to my plant didn’t work in the quantities indicated on the label, any idea how to fix it? I think I will change the soil.


I would transplant them into their final pots… What size of pots are you going to use? what soil? what nutrients are you using???


The pot I’m using is 36cm diameter, the soil is like in the picture and the small pills nutrients that went wrong with the plant

But from now on I will use only a mix of water, liquid worm fertilizer and molasses. This mix is working ok with another seeds I just planted.


im not good with metric… how many gallons is the pot?


About 3, is that enough for a plant? I’m a newbie, this is my first plant.


It should be 5 gallon or 7 gallon for photo. 3 is ok if it is a auto… if you buy new, get fabric pots. They will let the soil breath and roots


Hi @DonPiporro - welcome to the forum. Good to have you here.

Do you actively maintain and manage the pH and ppms of you water going into your plant and measuring what is coming out the bottom?


One more thing, I looked up that soil, it has time release ingredients and fertilizers in it. Your plant is going to struggle in that. We may need to get you into something different.


Yes nute burn definitely


Do yourself a big favor. Avoid lots of wasted energy and grief…start new.

Read, learn how to get the right sized pots, soil that is NOT fertilized, do not use slow release nutes.
Be the ONLY source of nutes. Critical to have a PH n PPM meter set…$20 online.

Then…buy fresh quality seeds and start over. Its a learning process…each grow is diff.

btw…use the seed selection process here for easy grow strains for newbies. First couple of grows has to be good…or…it will beat you up.