Do you know if this is bud rot?

i have harvested one plant early due to same images i am posting on this thread wifh my current plant…bud rot??? or yelloing leave due to harvest? yellow leave curled and was pulled out leaving dark color behind. Thanks in advance!!! I posted some updated pics also:)

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I don’t see anything wrong with it that would indicate bud rot… :muscle:


Do you know if brown spot that the yellow leaf got pulled from normal on late flowering plants?

@Dirtyalbany This doesn’t look normal to me.
Looks a bit gray and fuzzy on the folded leaf just to the upper right of the brown spot.

I’d def look a bit closer inside that spot.
Could have been a caterpillar burrowing into the bud too which will also end in rot forming in random spots.



Looks like rot. Hope not but happens.


How do you protect from Bud Rot? @Storm


Yes, that’s definitely botrytis. 100%


It’s Rot. Cut away all affected buds and discard.


Sometimes just happens. More airflow. Just cut away thw ugly.


That really sucks! I feel your pain :blush::v:

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Thanks!!! Only in two small spots that I noticed…I will cut those and discard and keep the rest:)


This photo AK47 was my first planted seed in April.


@Dirtyalbany You can spray the areas with some 3 % peroxide and water 50/50 which will help keep it at bay some.
Just do it at sunset so it has a chance to work over night.

I’m using hypochlorous acid I make in a generator.

Well worth the investment in my opinion.
Kills wpm and botrytis on contact
A lot less expensive than buying pre made product at 40-55$ per gal.
No ill effects on the plants and zero toxic residues left behind either.
And can be used right up till harvest.

I’ve been spraying my plants weekly as a preventive measure due to our high probability of mold and bud rot locally.
So far so good with only the odd spot showing up.
I also spray the surrounding vegetation as well.
Good luck :+1:



I have that same generator, well worth the bucks. I use it in my budwash in lieu of peroxide, use to sanitize canning jars, WPM in garden, I’ve killed spider mites with it and not burned up the plants, use in my cloner, sanitizing clone roots, cleaning equipment. Good stuff, flascher turned me on to it.


Same here. He’s def a wealth of knowledge. :+1:


Thanks!!! I trimmed the affected buds off…not full stem…just the two affected areas which is minimal. I am going to pull the plant tomorrow night…bud wash…wet trim and hang for dry

Do a bud wash on all the plants. Once a mold or mildew can be seen it has sporulated. You run risk of putting buds coverd in spores in a dark, slow air,
High rh environment. Sorry about your issue. Hate to loose good buds

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