Do you have to repot?

Why repot? Why not just plant into the largest pot you can right from the start?

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Cannabis plants don’t thrive when over watered, especially when they are just getting started.
It is much easier to manage soil moisture levels in smaller pots when the plants are small.
There are many folks that are very successful planting their seeds in the final pot size but most find it better to transplant at least once if not two or three times.
Personally, I start in Solo cups then to 1 - 2 gallon pots and finally to 10 gallon fabric pots.

So, the short answer to your question is that you are not required to repot but most find it beneficial to do so.


If your going large pot right off I’d definitely recommend fabric pots I hear they are much harder to over water. I am in my first grow. I started them in 5 gallon fabric pots and whilst I don’t have a frame of reference to go by I’m very happy with the decision. They have been healthy since day one and looking good at a month old.

If you can restrain yourself with watering it’s definitely doable. I wanted to avoid transplant shock as I wanted to induce flower as early as possible. Went according to plan. Been in 12-12 for like 4 days now.


Yeah, they look great!

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Thanks brother!

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Did you sprout these?
They look great.