Do you have to label your plants?

In Virginia to be legal by the book, we have to label each plant container we grow with the words “cannabis for personal use” as well as put our name and driver’s license or SSN on each label.

Just curious to hear from growers in other legal grow states, do you have to do something similar? If so, what exactly do you have to do?


I find that rule so ridiculous personally. It’s on my property, in my house. Who the hell do you think it belongs to? So stupid. I’d like to know who came up with that idea?
I haven’t bothered with it, though I suppose I should just in case. Maybe I’ll tag the outdoor girls this summer, but last year I didn’t.
Couldn’t hurt since the guy right next door is a cop and I had an 8 footer last year back there! LOL!


Yeah, makes no sense, especially for an indoor grow. But, I do it anyway. I feel like if they (the Commonwealth) are gonna let me grow, I can play by their rules and do this 100% legally. The day we went legal was 16 days before I retired, so this is all a dream come true for me. I just wish they would hurry and get the final details worked out and get the retail going.


I think the main point of that law in VA is for outdoor plants that are not publicly accessible.

Not sure there is any point in labeling indoor plants, I think the main reason for the tag is to identify ownership of outdoor plants. If it’s inside they know who they can pin it on :joy::joy:


Legal here in Michigan, and we don’t have to do anything like this. Personally you have bigger issues if someone is knocking on your door to inquire about your plants, and at the point labels don’t mean a thing.
To be honest, I wouldn’t even label my plants even if it was a law, that’s absurd. The amount of laws that are expected to be followed, while criminals do not, and with very little consequences, should put things in perspective for most.


Federal law still says you need to pay tax on cannabis you grow for personal use despite it being illegal at the federal level. There’s no shortage of dumb laws.


Yeah, I’m going to get right on that. :joy:

This is an understatement.


Yeah I think that’s ridiculous , I would not tag outside plants not only when they steal your plants they will also steal your identity. Just my thoughts good luck my friend ! :v::+1:


It was no big deal for me. I just took some of those labeling stabs that go in the dirt and wrote all the information on white electrical tape and affixed it. 20 minute job.

So surprised and just tickled to death we can actually grow it here legally, I’m more than glad to comply.



Really good point about protecting your identity with the plants actually located outside. I’m going to try 2 plants outdoors this summer.

I’ll probably just make up a silly code to disguise my driver’s license number like subtract 3 from each digit and note it there that they need to access the “cannabis codebreaker encryption algorithm” that I have on my phone.

Ah… nevermind… that’s way too much work. And I’ll forget the code.


Yeah ,I wouldn’t mind putting name an address but what they’re asking for would be no Different than leaving your checkbook laying there.


Missouri requires a plant be labeled with the patients name. Thats it though. I just use plant markers.


Yeah, I’m growing all of these plants for Mr. John Smith at 123 Fake St. phone number is 555-1212


My phone number is 867-5309


I often wonder if anyone actually has that number. :joy:


Oh I read that a number of people do actually have that number in several different area codes across the country and that even though it happens less frequently than it used to they still get calls for Jenny

I forget what phone number Brian Johnson sings in the AC/DC song dirty deeds but that’s another valid phone number I think.

I do know for a fact that back in the day you could dial one 900 mix a lot and for like two dollars a minute could do exactly what Sir Mix-A-Lot requested and kick them nasty thoughts.


my name is Jenny. :rofl: :crazy_face: :rofl:


lmao, has the cop said anything to you neighborly? or does he stare you down? lol


And I hope you have that tall plant in a somewhat inconspicuous location. LMAO