Do you have some tips for me how to fix it?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Hi i have a question about germination, i have little problem because i just bought some autoflower seeds and i just put them to wet towel and i putted to dark place for 5 days and still not germinating i can only see little really small white tail.
Do you have some tips for me how to fix it ?

That little white tail is the tap root. You should put in soil or whatever you are using immediately.


Hi thanks for respond but i putted my seeds to wet towel for more then 5 days and its so small.
I was trying to germinate some seeds before and it was small too i wanna know if i am doing something bad or if autoflowers are some special when growing like that.There is photo tell me if i should let in towel or if i am doing something bad.


I would plant her.


Do you think it will grow up.


Agreed. Plant her. We do know that if you don’t plant her she will NOT grow up so go for it!
And good morning :coffee:

Yes, heres an example of their relisiency : i dropped a seed, got a tail, & planted a total of 4. One never broke ground so after2 weeks i discarded the pod i put her in & started another one. It did fine & transplanted. Two weeks later im watering the girls & look down in pot the replacement was put & theyre two plants. The first (which i thought i killed) had been washed out of pod & reattached to bottom of new pod. So now instead of 4 girls i have 5.
Plant her & Happy Growing!! :herb:


Next time try soaking beans in water fir 24hours before putting in towel
I have tap roots normally about 1/4 to 1/2 inch long with this method @grape and welcome to the forum


I had 2 plants 1 germinated amazingly, the other didn’t…both the same strain. Turnt out the 1 that didn’t germinate outgrew the 1 that did, its about 2 times its size actually.

You should soak them over nite in water or diluted kelp extract. It helps all and any seed germinate. Then put them in wet paper towel. I only grow auto’s.

Ok but i am little bit desperate because i had this seeds in towel since 14 april.So tell me if i should plant them cuz i am little bit confused cuz the tap roots are so small.I dont know what i am doing bad :frowning:

Plant them in soil! Like, yesterday! They will probably benefit from some heat too, too help them germinate into seedlings.

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