Do you have a seed inventory?

In the State of Virginia, you are allowed to grow a maximum of 4 plants at any one time.

We are happy with that limit… more just tickled to death that we can legally grow any amount at all. Thank you Governor and Legislature!!

However, we must choose wisely what 4 seeds we plant. So, I actually have a seed “inventory” so I can plan it out and manage them based on age of the seed, type of high I want, how much cured weed I already have in storage and last but not least how many seeds I have left of each strain.

Am I going overboard on this??!!


Heck naw, that’s pretty smart. I haven’t counted and have trouble remembering the strains I have, but legal things here are different. Not in a fortunate state you could say.


We park our cars in the same garage

Just last night I was taking inventory and staying strategic about the garden.
I took into account the flavor wheel. Now,some have the 4 main quadrants-Sweet,Sour,Earthy, Spicy? I found myself wanting to diversify regardless. I know,I have some wishes,and then I have some go-to seeds I have to keep on hand. But I am always looking for my ex wife…OOPS. my bad.
Right now I am a Chocolate pheno hunt. As well as a Strawberry Cough pheno that tastes just like strawberries. Thank Michael Caine for putting that in my head rent free…
Anyways,I believe this is the hobby that requires proper planning. If you fail to plan,plan to fail…

So. At the end of it all,and utilizing small spaces for my notepad log- mine is something like this…

Blue Dream. Sweet/Fruity/calm 1( number is for lineup purposes and visualization)
Strawberry Cough Sweet/berry/Energetic 2
Pineapple upside down cake. Sweet/fruity/tropical Energetic 3
Matanuska Earthy/Pine/Skunk Energetic 4

Only because I base everything off of my experience. My tolerance is pretty high so I usually taste first,and break down what I experienced.
I am no way sharing or selling. My objectivity stems from medicine for my own personal use.

Go forth and grow young man!!

SL out.


@Low that brother has a collection that’s crazy :crazy_face:!


Man i didnt mark a single auto this time myself. Now forgot what is what. Me personally with 4 plants I would grow 1 or 2 big massive photo and vegem a few months. Roll those
2 left auto and get at least a harvest as the photo flip. The photo can net a pound or more each and be cloned. That is how i grow my medical and have some variety also. Just me. Plus the photo sit just fine on 18/6 as long as you like.



My “problem” is I want to be 100% legal and therefore I can’t have over a pound of weed on hand in total… which is one of the other restrictions in place.

I am literally giving it away to friends and family just to keep the weight down below the 16 oz limit but yet have a little of every variety for myself to sample. I can’t smoke it all and I can’t give enough of it away if I get a pound from a photo… I don’t have that many friends. LOL!!


You know … the fine for >4 and <=10 is $250 (a civil penalty, not even a misdemeanor (first offense)).

Yuck man. I would go nuts trying to NOT get a pound. Since most of mine converted i dont have a pound of flower on hand mostly.

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:rofl: there are crazier collections than mine on here!

There’s nothing wrong with collecting, saving, or building up an inventory.




But you don’t know me and my tendencies. LOL

I didn’t smoke for 38 years until it became legal. I am squeaky clean and don’t even have a speeding ticket.

:slight_smile: You do you; just contributing info.

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No worries. I got arrested twice before I was 23 and then I straightened up and wouldn’t even Jaywalk for 40 more years. Go figure

You got a very cool system to your madness. And yes it is madness. But smart and kinda fun. I’m still waiting for a mj farmers market to share sample and trade with other local growers. It hasn’t happened yet, or maybe I’m just not looking hard enough.

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That 1lb rule is a bummer… NY hit it with 5lb. Can only gift here anyway as of now. Which I’m doing completely random. Generally VA and cancer patients. Last time I ran a Facebook page for people in assisted living facilities, it’s shocking most are young but on a fixed income.
Anyhow we have a plant limit and I have like 50 seeds. Kicker … I always buy clones because I’m on a pheno hunt :joy::rofl::joy::rofl: I just started a forbidden fruit/ Zkittlez. been trying to aquire this one forever

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Have a decent assortment of seeds…lots of ILGM strains and a few others…Toxic Princess, Pineapple PrincessXX, Apollo XX, Grimm Glue, Clon, Cafe Racer, Skywalker Ghost x Triangle Kush, Durban Thai x C99, Queen of Soul, Killer Queen, Rosetta Stone, Pjack x Sundae Driver, Sundae Driver x Sundae Driver.

Mostly have ILGM strains including some low THC/moderate CBD strains for the wife

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