Do you have a recommendation for best soil ph tester? I ordered the common two prod inexpensive one and it does not work very well

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

Do you have a recommendation for best soil ph tester? I ordered the common two prod inexpensive one and it does not work very well.

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do you have a picture of it?
please join the forum and elaborate on what you have going on…so that we can help you.

Yes @ILGM.Zoe I could help I use the HM200 it is water proof dust resistant changeable electro heads and factory calibrated it is a very reliable tool and to me it’s an essential.

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I guess she meant something like this…
It’s not good for mj but maybe I’m wrong :joy:

:joy::joy::joy::joy: @M4ur yeah that’s definitely it.


@M4ur do you rate the Doctor Meter mate?

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@M4ur @ILGM.Zoe should I be giving the brand name or not just flashed into my mind? I don’t want to be making stupid mistakes

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@BIGE here are 2 more options

The orange one is just for soil pH nothing else the green one is a 3 in 1 light moisture and p h but to be quite honest and not sure about either one test before your feeds and when you nixie your nutes and last but not least the run off which will be your final reading on that particular occasion. Hope it helps sorry about the first post.

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those soil probe testers are mediocre at best.


I don’t have it… So I don’t know how is work, but that will work for measuring the humidity in the soil, and light(both purposes), for pH you need a proper probe (some quality stuff, that you can calibrated from time to time :+1::wink:)

Yeah I agree @BIGE and @M4ur with you also on that photo you put up the next step would probably be alone the line of the Likes of blue lab instruments they are high end I think :thinking:

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I get a new(for me :slight_smile:) pH meter from china and I’m very pleased for that amount of money (17$–>auto calibration :wink:), I don’t like to pay for brand stuff (same product, more money :joy::wink:)

Those two pronged soil testers are incredibly unreliable. What you want to do is use a pH meter to test the pH of the water going in and coming out (runoff). To get you started (there are better ones out there but this is a good starter one I still use this) you should pick up a tester

You sound also periodically calibrate these so I recommend you get some solution

Also you might want to consider getting a TDS meter to test PPM. This will help give you an idea of how much nutrients are left in your soil

Feel free to join the forum and we can help you out some more if you need it.


I can vouch for that cheap yellow one from Amazon. I’ve used it for 3 months and so far so good. I’ll let you know if it craps out on me but I like it and I bought the one that also came with the EC meter tester.
I know some people in the forum have said they had trouble with them but for me it’s been worth the money so far. If it does break I’ll probably just buy another one I think it’s under $20? But I can’t remember. Enjoy growing everyone

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Here what I bought…after buying the cheaper ones and returning them…well worth the extra $$


Thanks for sharing. That looks like a nice one I may upgrade to at some point. Thank you for sharing

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Keep watching it in your cart…I did and caught it on a price drop for under $40 :slight_smile:

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I just checked my order…got it for $36 :sunglasses:

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Oh $40 isn’t bad at all. Especially if it’s longer-lasting more durable than the cheap one I have. Thanks for the heads up I appreciate that. I will add it to my card actually. My cart on Amazon is getting ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as my wish list for ilgm :deciduous_tree: :joy: