Do you flush before harvesting

I’m a couple of weeks away from harvesting and I’m told that you should flush through for a certain amount of days before harvesting, otherwise you’ll get a chemical taste from the nutrients, so is this true or not and ifso how long do you need to flush through for and when should you do it, all replies appreciated and thanks everyone :wink:
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I didn’t after reading an article here basically debunking the whole idea of flushing. I think it might have some validity with hydro but soil?

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Thanks my friend, how many grows have you done ? Do you cure ? If so how do you cure? Have you noticed any chemical taste and thanks for replying

2 soil grows complete. 2.5 pounds of bud in jars from the last grow of 4 large plants started on 1/3/17 and 2 clones started on 2/15.My wife says that my taste is in my mouth so I’m probably a poor judge lol, but they all taste great! I rolled some yesterday from my first grow and while it smelled great it had no flavor at all. The second grow was definitely much better than the first. Flavor is strong, skunky, piney, vanila, citrus.

My brother gave me a sample from our local dispensary and said that this is what I should be shooting for. Found it to be tasteless and no more potent than mine and the bud density was little more than mine.


Do you grow outside or inside? I know outside grows get bigger yields ,and I think I’m doing ok but I ( not trying to be greedy ) want the bigger yields and bigger buds, so I’m at that harassing ,asking loads of questions stage, so I don’t mean to bug you ,oh and @Myfriendis410 you didn’t mention if you cure or not or ifso how do you cure ,thanks again

I stop nutes a week before harvest some times 2 can’t tell any difference in flush or no flush :wink:Hope this helps


Thanks brother really appreciate you taking the time, do you cure ? If you don’t mind me asking and ifso how please

You’re going to want to cure. Whether you go for a quick cure or more of a connoisseur cure, is totally up to you. You can find plenty of helpful information on how to complete either by searching here or on Google.

I would suggest a quick cure if you’re cash cropping, and longer cure if you are growing for your personal stash. Each method has its benefits and drawbacks, figure out which is best for you.

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Thanks for answering about the curing, it’s totally for personal use and medication, its because I’ve not done it yet , well I tried with my first grow but it was all in 1 plastic container with a lid, but it got opened a lot when I wanted some out so I don’t think I did it right, so I have ordered 6 sealable glass jars, and 1 can be cured quick to smoke and the others I can take my time

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Flushing doesnt matter you only get a chemical taste if you use to much


That’s good to know, thanks my friend, I couldn’t really tell from my first attempt but like I said I opened it up when I needed some to

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My pleasure buddy

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Much appreciated my friend, I value your input

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@daz49, I live in a remarkably similar climate to yours and drying and curing are a little bit different from what I’ve read. I have to use a fan to dry. Sometimes 2 fans. For my last 2 plants I purchased drying racks that are nylon on fiberglass hoops so they store well.

After drying I bag the manicured bud in paper lunch bags and weigh each one. I’ll put around 2 ounces in each. I will put those in front of a small fan on low for a week or so and when I’ve seen the bags lose 2 to 4 grams of weight I put the buds in clean 1 quart wide mouth mason jars. I burp them daily for 2 weeks then weekly. The potency and flavor improves dramatically over time.

Technically I’m an indoor grower but my girls go outside whenever the weather cooperates.


Sounds like you have it under control. I think there is a lot of flexibility in the “right way” to cure. The bottom line is you want maintain humidity over time. If there’s to much moisture it will mold, to little and you’ll have hay. Due to differences in climate, there will be some fluctuations in how each person achieves a successful cure. There were some small hygrometers on amazon I’ve seen people use. Fairly accurate and small enough to put in mason jars, if you want to be completely sure. But I don’t think they’re necessary.

If you were asking about replacing cure by flushing, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone successfully do that. Opinions vary a lot on flushing. I don’t do it, but I do taper my nutes down. In my experience there’s just to much bud swell the last couple of weeks to starve nutes. Others live and swear by flushing up to 2 weeks. Either way I think you’ll have hay if you don’t cure.


Thanks my friend, I really appreciate your input as I don’t really know anything about it, my last grow I just hung her branches in my grow room while starting goldy off and then just trimmed the buds off and put them in a plastic sealable tub, I tried the burping for an hour a day for two weeks and then for 45 minutes every other day in 15 minute increments for 2 more weeks, and I’d say it was a little harsh with no really defined flavour, I am looking to get one of those racks to but I was thinking of doing that in the grow room to, is it a bad idea and I guess I burped her wrong to

Thanks @drbrn32 ,I really don’t want to mess it up with this grow and thanks for replying I appreciate it

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Believe me Darren: I know how you feel about not messing up! Really there’s no difference between hanging the branches and racking them. I was able to get more into less space but I did the drying in the guest room where temps are lower. I like glass jars aesthetically and they certainly won’t contribute any off flavors, but plastic containers ought to work fine. I think, assuming good organic grow which you did, if you can control your drying time to 8 to 10 days before trimming off the stem you will be loving it.

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Thanks again my friend, again appreciate your input, so you don’t think drying her in the grow room while growing another will be ok? I really do feel like I messed up my first grow at the end because she just wasn’t very strong, she was durban poison which when I checked was 25% thc, so I think it must have been me this one is gold leaf and I don’t want to do the same thing, the first time I only had the one air tight drum and it all went in the same drum, I’ve ordered 6 airtight pasta jars to spread it out

Whenever I cure I like to do a minimum of two months three months is perfect but of course when it’s good they usually gets smoked before then :wink: And I use mason jar’s


You’ll want to hang them to dry in the dark. Make sure you have some air exchange, but not so much that they dry to quickly. You’re looking to get them jarred by the time the stems snap. If nothing else, start earlier rather than later. I like to jar while the larger stems still have some flex. The penalty for starting cure early is longer cure time. Allowing them to get to dry can’t always be reversed.

Burping a set amount time over a set time period is kind of like growing by a calendar l. It’s a good baseline, but won’t always get you the best product. I consider the curing process started once the jars reach about 65% humidity. This is the point where the stems will start to snap but buds still feel sticky. Above this, they need to sit out for at least a couple hours. At 65% I open jars once a day, dump them on to a paper plate for a few minutes and jar them back up. Once they hit about 60% humidity they can be stored long term without fear of mold. Below 55% I consider to dry.

Again, you don’t really need a fancy hygrometer to cure. But for about $20 on amazon you can get one that will help. The boveda packs can be a big help too. Especially once you get below that 65% humidity mark, or for long term storage. They come in a variety of humidity setpoints so you can target whatever stage you’re after. I like to use 59% for long term storage. Just keep in mind that when curing it’s not a race. You’re simply maintaining a safe environment while the chemicals breakdown.

As a disclaimer, I’m by no means saying this is the best way to go about it. Just what I’ve picked up along the way and seems to work for me. I think I have robbed a few others and put it together in a way suitable for me. But I’m sure there are different methods that work as good or better.