Do they take a lot of light and heat

A question from a fellow grower:

Started the seeds out with 24 hours 400 watt metal halide all germinated except for one I had 20 23 c 3 blueberries and the rest were all super skunk they are growing good and I keep the light on 24 hours but I have to watch my temp because even though they are thriving good the temp stays about 77 it has got up to 80 one but they’re not burning or anything and I did have the light from a distance for those two strains I’m asking do they take a lot of light and heat

Well, in nature plants sit under the Sun outside, so they can take whatever lite, just don’t put light too close to burn them (heat).

Regarding Heat, temperature should be kept below 85f because temperatures above that will slow or stop growth -good luck

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You want about 20- 26 inches during veg until plant develop about 3-6 nodes than move closer to about 18 inches .