Do they look ready for transition to flower?

Here are my girls. Both are on day 40 since they popped. Growing in coco, feeding flora trio with cal mag, liquid karma, and pure blend tea.

1st picture was after feeding, hence the foliar spray. I’ll take another picture after they’ve bounced back.

I see pistils, which is a sign that they have started flowering.

You might want to back off the nutes a bit. I’m seeing initial signs of nitrogen toxicity (dark, waxy leaves.)

You risk burning your leaves by misting. It’s not necessary to mist mature plants.


Shoot those are pistels?? I expected them to be more of a white color.

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The 1st 2 pics look like it. The 3rd pic isn’t so clear. It looks like pistils are just starting to appear. I say that because she looks like she has stopped pushing up new foliage and pistils are appearing. I’ve seen them come up with a green tint, but yeah, they eventually turn white until they recede at maturity.

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Thank you very much for the reply! I’ll switch them to transition nutes tomorrow!

UPDATE: Flower!

Update from the tent! Gorilla glue and crystal meth in flower, and trippy gorilla in the solo.

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