Do they look good? I need help also


Well I just got back from checking the girls. The first is my wq and the 2nd is caramel. The 3rd picture is of my caramel, I noticed a black spot on a few of the little flowers on the lower branches. Any ideas?


I cant help except to say the experts will need a better pic of the black spots
I can see them but they are in the shade and impossible to tell what it is

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:point_up: I agree


Well I took another walk and got the close up you said I would need for the more advanced growers to hopefully help me. Other than some yellow leaves I am not to worried. Thanks again@Mr_Wormwood and @Lacewing .

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From the pics the plants are healthy and doing good. Never seen black around the flowers but I never had dealt with that strain your growing. Hopefully the experts will chime around n and help you.

There were some others posting about this …very similar looking pics …and I’d I’m not mistaken it was chalked up to genetics !!!
Looking good

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Ok well thanks again. I am new to growing. I planted a couple caramel last year and don’t remember any black showing on them. I got the plants from a friend who had those seeds when he got his last order of seed 2yrs ago. They were free with his order.


I’m new to growing too
But because of all the awesome people on this forum
It doesn’t feel like it lol

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Did you spray these with any sort of bug/mold prevention?

No I didn’t. They are about 3 weeks into budding now.

I wouldn’t even know what to use. Do you think it’s either bugs or mold? If so which?

They look very happy!

Happy they look. Long sexy Sativa leaves. :ok_hand:

Doesn’t look like bugs or mold I’ve seen before. Just let them keep going and watch close.

I will @emgoldslo that’s all I think about lately. Ms @Lacewing believes she read on a post something about being genetics. Maybe @Hellraiser can you help?


I’m thinking it’s genetics too. My :crossed_fingers: for you!

Lol lacewing is a HE …hahaha just wanted to clear that up …

I thought that but kept seeing you being sexed as a she, I just figured I was wrong and you were femme

Now I know the truth!

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Don’t make him show us his nanners!!!

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Lol I think @oldmarine
May have told me to hold my horses cowgirl …
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All good tho …