Do these look ready to harvest?

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How do these look?

Welcome to the forum! Happen to have any trichome shots and pics of the whole plant? You’re looking pretty close. You wanna look at the trichomes (crystals) on the buds, not the little sugar leaves. Here’s a little chart that floats around here, to help gauge where you’re at. Too soon of a harvest will be a racy high and probably a headache. Go too long, and you’ll sink into your couch. Good luck and happy growing!!!

How are these?

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She can fatten up more.

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Agreed with :point_up::point_up::point_up: still has a little swelling to do.

Seems like maybe they didnt gey enough light throughout the grow.

6-8 hours of direct sunlight. I know it’s not optimal but it’s all I can muster in the location I’m in.

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Gotta work with whatcha got right? If you can get yourself a small led light and set em inside under the light for 4-6 hours a day when the outdoor light fades. TBH they look great for only getting half the light they need.

Do your buckets have holes drilled into them. She has to have a way to runoff excess water or it will damp off, starve the root zone of oxygen and can result in nute lockout.

If you do not have holes, I would drill about 1" up from the bottom around the perimeter and a bunch on the bottom.

I have about five 1/2” holes on the bottom, but none around the perimeter of the buckets.

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As long as she can drain you good. :vulcan_salute:

Hey Guys, I have some new photos. These look ready to harvest?

Any opinions/guidance is appreciated!

Let then go. They have a while yet. Once all those white hairs turn red, start checking the trichomes with a jewler loop or a scope you can attach to your phone. Once a majority of the trichomes are cloudy with some amber it’ll be ready to chop. She’ll definitely fatten up towards the end.