Do these look ready? Pineapple haze


Can anybody tell if these are ready


To be sure I think you need a look at those trichomes, and then preference based depends on what ya want.


Don’t look ready to me… Good things come to those that wait…:slight_smile::smiling_imp:



Thanks for your input,a couple weeks?


I would guess three to four weeks yet


That was going to be my guess as well - 4 weeks. Worth the wait! :slight_smile:


Ok,ill wait,but damn do they smell awesome. Thanks to all of you


Luck dog u…:smiling_imp:



At this stage of flower will they still fatten up? Or just rippen more


They should bulk up more … The last three days of darkness will bring out the ressin…



Thats great,they seem a little airy


id say 3-4 weeks yet .If you want any real yield.
Hammer .


Im going to take all your advice and hold off,when should i start to cut the light back to 11 hours light 13 dark?


When do i switch from 3 parts of gh just to 2???


I wait till the plants are in their second stage of bud then cut them to 11/13.


Second stage? What the heck is that now? Have i been missing out out? Damn the learning never stop’s.