Do these look read for harvest?

Hi all,
Was wondering other people thoughts on these pics, if the top 2 are rdy for harvest, or if the others do not look right:

Thanks for help!

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You have a couple months I think.
It will go from left side to right. But it takes time.


Welcome aboard. Looks like you still have quite a few white hairs, so not ready yet. Cannot really see the you trkes in these pictures…most harvest when the majority are cloudy. I don’t have the guide handy…but one of the regulars here will likely attach it for you. I need to keep it handy. Good luck
my two cents


Welcome what they said^^^^


Welcome to the community plant needs at least 6 more weeks to finish , let those buds keep fattening up they basically are just getting started.


Thanks so much all. Ill sit tight :sunglasses:


Auto or photo - curious.
It looks like it is only a couple weeks into actual flowering.
How long ago did you see the first stigmas (pistils) forming.
The small buds in the last pictures are normal. Just small buds, maybe lower down on the plant or secondary branches. They will keep growing and filling out.

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Those lovely ladies will make you happy in a couple months.


Hang in there the waiting is the hardest part

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These plants have an interesting history.

I bought these seeds:
Blue Dream Feminized (pack of 20)

I planted them indoors in middle of March 2022.
I was expecting to harvest them around mid-July, but I found that my lights had been going on at night, so they were not flowering as they should.

I moved them from indoors to outdoors on July 11th.
I then planted all but 2 of them into the ground.

Those 2 pictures on top are of the 2 plants I did not transplant into the ground, rather they are still outside in their 5 gallon pot.

I live on Long Island, NY.

The ones I planted into the ground look amazing, some of them have great looking buds. But 1 or 2 are barely starting to show buds. I guess those are just slower than the others?

I was nervous that transplanting them so late would screw them up…I found 2 of them had turned male and had to get rid of them. I am worried some of the ones not showing much bud are males or hermies. Can the females that are already developing buds still turn male?

I also planted some outdoors from seed(after germinating them), around April 20th. Those are huge, they are just gigantic plants, see pics.

Thanks for advice guys!

Here are the ones transplanted and still in pots:

Here are the ones grown outdoors the whole time:

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Ok when growing from seed it is possible for a couple out of 20 to look and or grow differently. I would think that an indica/sativa hybrid could show some more sativa traits on a couple plants as opposed to the rest of them, or it could be some type of environmental effect. Also, on another note it is very possible for a female to morph an pop out some male flowers after initial flowering has begun

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Hi everyone,
Its been about a week, I just wanted to ask quick, looking at these pictures, I see the brown little hair looking things, and I thought I read that when those start turning brown, its time or even past time to harvest. What are your thoughts on these? Im very paranoid that Im not going to harvest at the correct time! Thanks

not ready…too many white hairs

Looks like 2-3 more weeks or so