Do these look ok to plant?

let them sit for about 4 days, are these looking ok?
image0 (3)
image1 (1)

Time to plant in starter media.

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Thats a negative my freind :disappointed:

Would you lmk what’s wrong please?

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These may still grow my freind.
Are these 2 different seeds or the same one?

2 different seeds .

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The first picture looked to me (at first) that it has began to rot, but i could be wrong.
The brownish color reminded me of why i don’t do the soak in glass of water anymore.
Most of the time when I would have trouble with germination, it would be the tap roting or turning dark.
It could absolutely be me contaminating it in some way.

But any time i see darkish color on a tap root it either died or was very slow to start…

If i have alot of seeds i tend to chuck them now, but if I was limited on seeds i would absolutely stay the course and hope for the best…


This is kinda what I’m talking about.
Its very faint in the picture but the bottom portion looks differently to me like its kinda soft and mushy maybe.

But definitely plant it and even if it is, it could still grow :grin:

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ahhhh i see now. I think ill chuck them, i really dont want to start off badly. the other one looks kind of stunted to me

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I wouldn’t worry about them seeming stunted. Plant them as soon as you have a tail (tap root) that is about an inch long. It’s not going to help to wait any longer.

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Drop 2 more and if ya got room, keep these to to just play with :man_shrugging:
And who knows, one of these could be the best smoke ever :heart_eyes:

It’s your call my freind, that’s what I would do, but I have room and multiple plants at different stages at even given time so a couple extras dont hurt me any…

Plant them carefully with as much of the root buried as you can. Get 2 more seeds on standby. If nothing starts happening after 2-3 days, I’d drop the other 2.


I agree. Whats the harm in trying? Natures surprises are beautiful!


Definitely agree! Not worth beating ones self up over a couple of seeds. Live and learn.

If you don’t mind me throwing my $.02. Try soaking for 12-18 hours. No more than 24. Then, put in a damp paper towel folded in half and put that in a ziploc. Leave it open, and put in a dark, warm shoukd have a nice tail within a couple days. As soon as there is a tail, plant it.