Do these leaves look familiar to anyone?

indoor auto leaves on 2 of 6 plants. Feeding once every week. Rest is ph water @ 6.2 with a little cal mag and a little liquid seaweed/kelp. lights 12 and 12. 4 are doing great, but these 2. all the same medium, 3 gallon pots.

Looks overfed and expect your pH is very low. Do you know your runoff pH and PPM numbers? What soil are you using and what nutrient line are you using?


Ill make a soil slurry tonight, and test it tomorrow. Cheap ph soil with probes say its a 7. I’ll check the runoff tomorrow night with my ph meter and tds. All my pots are half organic potting soil from Lowes, and half fox farm. And using fox farm nutrients at a quarter strength about every 8th day. I had 6 autos last grow using the same things and all went very well. Thank you for looking at my post and pictures.

Did that Lowes soil have wood chips in it?
Those cheap soil ph probes are worthless! The one I bought a few years ago always read 7. I tried a little soil in a solo cup and put vinegar in it and that damn cheap meter still reads 7. It does OK as a moisture meter though.
Slurry test or testing soil ph can be somewhat tricky. Checking run off is OK, but I find that the run off usually checks close to what it went in at. I find it best to water with distilled or RO slowly until it just starts to run through. Wait a hour then water to a run off, and try to get about three samples as it runs off. Average the samples to get a fairly close ph reading.
I have been where you are before. When you are going a week between waterings. This can add up to a lot of time if you check run off one week and make adjustments the next.
A good flushing while checking the ph as above maybe a quieter way.

I just did a soil run off. I have been watering every other day @ 6.2 ph…(tap and dechlorinated for 36 hours). lots of fan circulation and fabric pots. I’ve been feeding about every 8th day a 1/4 recommended of fox farm with a 3rd of cal-mag recommendations. And the results… Soil run off Ph was 5.54 and PPM was 3119. I do have available R/O water with new filters installed, should I start using r/o water to bring down ppm? My straight tap has a ppm of 420! believe it or not! too funny

PPM was 3819 not 3119

You are correct, Somebody been viewing my grow? I got two dead ringers for your top picture.
Thanks to cheap PH pen. Apera PH20 saved some plants, late, maybe.

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Local garden nursery “garden soil” won’t grow tulips or anything but weeds (not the smoke).
Paid the price in lost plants and time.
LSS get good soil, lights and seeds, or quit.


Been fighting this same problem for 2 months. All new soil slurry for run-off good PH and high PPM
All flowering plant soils in garden PH 6.5 in and 5.5 out, a month now.
Started at 5.0 and yesterday after 5 gallons of 7.0, per plant, I am seeing 6.0 run-off (2 plants, one-3 gal and 1-five gal).
EVERYBODY has been getting dolomite lime pellets (this week, late, but better than never.
and water in for garden has been 6.5/1200 now 7/0/1000.
Got fustrated and gave everybody a quart of 8.0 (my city water, 48 hours bubbled).

So you think I should start r/o water with a ph of say 7? And maybe use baking soda on my 2 affected plants as well? Like i said, the other 4 are doing great…just 2 of them having this problem.

I use baking soda in my nutrient solution for my soil grows, and GH PH up for hydro. Also I use Roots Original Soil and Mills Nutrients at their light schedule, and use it at 6.5 ph in. It seems to always be very close to this out.
The only problem that I have had with Roots Original is that, it sometimes comes with gnats in it. Have been reading about the same problem as yours with FF lately.

Very difficult to recommend using higher than 7.0 PH water.
Dolomite lime added to soil should bring ph up.
Both SHOULD help recover from too low PH in Run-Off from PH 5.5 from soil

As you probably know there is no reason to ph plain RO water, and it is only when you add something to it that it will hold a ph value.
I would flush a time or two and get the run off TDS numbers down, and then start going in at 6.5 ph.
When I was growing organic. I liked to use this, as a top dress as it is lime based, and it has calcium, magnesium, and iron. When I used it every two weeks it would give the soil a ph bounce between 6.5 - 7 that the plants seemed to like.