Do the rockwool cubes have to be in the wAter 24 or just make sure they stay wet

Do the cubes have to be in the water all the time or just above it and make sure they are damp and do I let them dry out ??? Please someone help???!!!???!!!

Are you prepping them for germination or trying water them

I’m cloning and I germinate 2 seeds and put them in the rockwhool cubes do they have to be in water the hole time or just wet them? Every time they get dry I lost 10 clones so far and the clones are turning to mush

Fresh cut clones and 2 seeds in rock for a day now I’m not sure if I keep the seeds in the bubbler ? Because it’s to wet or I Don’t know I’m new to this and I ask ppl and I don’t. Get a straight answer so it’s confusing

I understand brother with seeds soak the cubes in ph’ed water first i wait about an hour so with the 1.5" cubes or until bubbles stop coming up. Take out of water shake off excess and place seed in cube then put in ur tray or do like i do and put on small plate above fridge til it sprouts then place in your system. I dont have experience with clones but always ph cubes water when they start to dry out. I put a lil water in cup and barely put cube in cause it will soak it up like sponge. Hope this helps @Lostscuba

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Yes it did because I didn’t no if I keep it in water 24/7 or get it wet and put it under the light but yes thank u how and I’m using cloning powder wish there was a book for this and another question if u don’t mind the bubbler do u fill it so the net is under water just the bottom of the net or leave a inch or 3 above the water

Another one bites the dust dimage on’t know what I’m doing wrong

Looks like the cube got oversaturated @Lostscuba ill send u a pic of what i use to germinate seed and the water level should b about an inch from ur net pot cause the bubbles will provide oxygen for young root and keep lower part of your net damp so the root will find its way down if ur net pot is in the water no oxygen getting to root and ur essentially drowning her


Ok thank you I’m starting to understand I put hydroponic clay pebbles on the bottom so the rockwhool cube ain’t in the water any thing else I should know?? Anything can help

Fill ur pot with pebbles but leave enough room for the cube. Rockwool holds water very well so u dont need to water to often when planting seeds and top water when u put in sysrem til root hits ur water brother any other questions feel free to ask just tag me im starting out myself and havnt had an issue with rovkwool yet

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I took the lids off they still standing this is what I did is this right

You can see the bubble hitting the clay just enough to get them wet. @Evile

Looks good @Lostscuba just make sure the top of the rockwool cube is even with the top of your net add a little more pebbles if needed and sirround your cube with pebbles

heres a pic of my set up with rockwool i got alot more clay pebbles but it works all the same

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Ok perfect thanks a lot that’s a seed tho right I’m doing clones and 2 seeds but for sure thanks anything helps now I’ve been watching random stuff on YouTube

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take the cuttings and place in water immediately. soak the grow cubes in 5.5 ph water for several hours. Now, soak them in regular water…ph’d to 6.5. Drain the water off.
Cut the cutting at a 45 degree angle, dip in rooting solution, powder or gel. Slide into grow cube. Trim bigger leaves in half…conserves moisture.

Some put cuttings in a dark place for days. Me, I put them back in the same light they were growing in. Cover with a clear plastic cup to conserve moisture. Spray ph’d water on them three times a day. Keep clear cup wet. Grow cube must stay moist…not soaking wet.

Last time it did this…the roots burst out after 4 days. usually it takes a few more days.

Once there are multiple roots…transplant to the clay balls n cage.


Ok I got it now that there just explained everything I need to know than u @tanlover442

So I should do it like yours fill around the rockwool when it gets bigger how old is that one in the pic ??

That one mite be 2 or 3 days old from sprouting i dig out a little hole place the cube in and surround with pellets

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Top fed l c

Your using buckets and nets ? That plant will grow big in that set up I think I bought to small of nets I got the bucket system clips over the bucket so you don’t need to use 2 buckets.this is what I’m gonna transfer into what one should I use

Id use the larger one @Lostscuba but thats just my preference think it would b easier to water until roots hit water in your bucket