Do the number of segments on a fan leaf mean anything?

I’ve grown outside a few years and was always curious. Seeing how much knowledge is here, I figured maybe I could satisfy this curiosity.

I know that when I cut a girl hard, she usually starts back with the single segment. I attributed this to shock.

I’m accustomed to 5 and 7 segments per leaf. My Berry White is displaying 9 segments and I’ve heard of even higher numbers from others, though the strain wasn’t known for those examples.

So…do the number of segments per leaf mean anything?

Thanks for any input.

I could be wrong but I believe the older a plant gets the more leaf segments it develops.

I’ve seen up to 11 on a very sativa style plant. I’m not sure if Indo’s develop as many leave segments as sativas but I don’t think they mean anything besides a possible indication of the plants age