Do the bigger seeds produce bigger plants? All seeds are same strain

I received my autoflowering seeds today they are all the same strain but some seeds are bigger then others, do the bigger seeds produce bigger plants ?

I’m my opinion plus experience if I got seeds that were same strain but some seeds were bigger then others all plants came out the same, it actually happened in my recent seeds that were ordered, and this is only my opinion of course I may possibly be wrong but they could possibly be different phenotypes cause my bigger seeds came out brighter plants and smaller ones were darker plants again I could be wrong but it’s a theory. Ask MacGyverstoner he could probably tell you better than I could

Yeah, bigger seeds doesn’t mean anything, small seeds are no less healthy than large seeds and they won’t be any different in how big the plant itself can grow.


Which is exactly what I thought bigger plants depends on how big the grower wants to make them not by the size of seed I agree 100% with MacG

NO. The size seed does not indicate how big the plant will get.

Who was that directed to

Latewood is probably directing that to the original poster and the title question.

I have to agree with you! I’ve seen small seeds produce big plants as well as big seeds producing large plants.The Strains seem to be how big they get. By genetics of strain and parent plants is what I’ve been told. I’m growing 15 different strains right now and having very good success. My purple wreck is almost 7 feet tall as of right now. The rest are from two to four feet tall. And are very healthy!

Purple wreck is awesome man

Yes it is! One of my favorites for sure. I just scored some Purple Mayhem seeds to start as well. Can’t wait for the end results! Best of growing to you my friend!

You as well