Do smaller nugs bellow the top get big?

Hey y’all, back again with some questions for those who have time to answer them. So my plant is sweetzz and shes now 12 weeks old and beggining her 7th week of flowering. I plan on taking it week by week before i flush, and i think im about 2 weeks before harvest so a week and a half before flush. Top heads are getting nice and big, but i have a bunch of these little heads further down that are not getting a bunch of light.

Do i start cutting off some pf the big leaves up top ? Do i wait and pray ? What do you guys, or girls, think ?

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Buds closer to the bottom of the plant are going to be smaller. Also mature slower. They don’t get as much light.


Many growers myself included just pinch the lower budsites off but I do it much earlier in flower, at this stage maybe an early smoke if you are in dire needs other wise I would leave them on and it would go inro the trim for bubble hash.
Mind you they are perfectly smokeable!


Thanks for your input @outdooring @kellydans ! I guess im just gonna wait a bit and maybe throw em into some canna butter with the trichomed leaves. Do you think I shouldnt cut any leaves to have more light get to bud sites then ? (I already cut the bottom ones when they got yellow and the yellow spread has stopped for now)

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Looking at the picture your bottom nugs look to be nice and frosty should be good smoke. You can tuck a few leafs and take a couple leafs just don’t get crazy.