Do Skywalker OG buds turn blue?

My Skywalker OG plants have huge buds on them, but when will I see that blue color or how can I tell when to harvest. Not my 1st grow, just my 1st with Skywalker.


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Harvest based on trichome maturity to your taste.


The blue is a phenotype expression of that cultivar. Mine turned a light purple


It’s mostly genetics. You can try lowering your temps throughout flower, though, to mimic fall weather. Mine had some purplish hues in it, but not a ton. She was ready when trichs were as pictured…


Mine have no purple or blue hue to them. All the plants were planted the same day except for the last photo is a Godfather. I could only get 1 seed to germinate out of 10. I was very disappointed with them. Nothing like that has ever happened before. So, I have 5 Skywalker & 1 Godfather
that is weeks older. I don’t know why this Skywalker has me concerned, but there is some brown on the buds and I don’t want to mess them up. I appreciate any feedback. They were all grown outdoors & the buds are huge, I just don’t want to ruin them after all the problems I had with the Godfather seeds. I also used the Bergman nutrients for every stage. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Colors are dependent on genetics to some degree. Several years ago I grew a few of Ken Estes Grand Daddy Purples. I lowered the temps significantly through the last few weeks of flower, and one of them got really awesome colors, while the rest stayed pretty normal green under the exact same conditions.

So low temps will help, but only if the color up is in the genes to begin with.

This was the colorful GDP, and this was a photo period, before I switched to autos.


Thank you so much for your help. My one plant is purple, the others are still green. Now I know what to look for. Thank you again, very much.