Do-Si-Dos Indoor Grow Tips

Hey guys,

I’m about to start my first ever grow! Pretty pumped, won’t lie. I created a 2x2x4 tent out of PVC and Everbilt Flexible Aluminum Foil Duct. I will be using the Viparspectra F1000 for light; I set up an Arduino and created a smart outlet to control many variables in the room (Humidity, Temperature, PPFD, Light cycle) using relatively simple coding. Does anyone have any tips for growing, specifically the Do-Si-Dos? I’m doing Fox Farm soil with the Fox Farm Trio nutrients. As far as watering the plants goes, I was planning on using tap water. I read online to put a couple drops of hydrogen peroxide in the water and let it sit out for 24 hours before adding nutrients and balancing the pH. I found a pretty solid data sheet online that provides the mL to use to nail in the NPK ratio values throughout the grow process, as well as suggested values for humidity, temp, PPFD, and light cycle. I know there is something about needing lots of microbes through MICROnutrients (not Nitrogen, Phosphorous, or Potassium) in order for the nutrients to break down in the soil. Not really sure what to go with here, so this would be a good place for advice to start. Let me know what you guys think of my plans so far and anything I should change!


Welcome @nuchh! Congrats on the new and exciting endeavor!

I’ve never used H2O2 but I do let the water sit in the bucket overnight with an air pump and aquarium stones to blow air through it.

You’ll want a PPM/EC/TDS meter to get a baseline on your water, and for when you’re mixing your nutes later. The cheap ones work well enough. (Or you could go fully organic and not worry about PPMs.) Cheap pH meters are not very good, you get what you pay for with those. Also going to want a light meter, you can get one for your phone.

For microbials, fish emulsion is the classic choice, Tribus and Mammoth P also seem popular around here but I’ve never used them.


Yo thanks dawg that’s all wicked good info! Got the Photone app w the full spectrum LED version for 7$ so that’s solid but sadly I’ll have to invest in a pH monitor. That’s definitely important so it’ll be worth it.