Do Seeds or clones Make bigger plants?

Last year all my plants were grown from seeds sativa dominant hybrid. I had some six and seven footers last year. This year I grew from clones all sativa dominate hybrids. All of my plants this year doing really well but I don’t have one single plant that’s taller than 4 feet. All are planted in the ground with a garden mix soil and fox farms nutrients. All were planted in late April of each year. Does this size difference have anything to do with it being clones?

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That could be a genetics issues or a host of factors. I started in July and mine will be small plants and are a Sativa hybrid. It will be nothing like I’m used to outdoors. I lost a plant yesterday from being a dude. I could get a clone but wonder how tall it would even get by sept 21 would it be worth. I’m not sure where you are in the world but you got another month and they are Sativa so the stretch will be big. Post pics for the fellas and ladies they enjoy a visual to help you along.

Pictures of this crop, very nice looking plants just not what I expected.


In general, seeds grow bigger than clones, because it’s a whole plant vs. a branch. Bigger tap root potential, bigger plant. But there are exceptions, and climate and varietal and soil and yada yada.

I’ve got a Blue Dream clone this year that’s pushing 8’, and it’s only in a 20 gal. pot.

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Healthy and happy! Nice work with good cover. It’s not size that matters it’s the quality to me that is way more important. When you get clones they put all their energy into making roots for weeks before growing up. If I would have had forethought on getting a couple duds and dude I would of be pro active in the clones because that would surely boost my harvest. I know what you’re saying you want as much as you can from harvest. I taken it you’re in the Lower 48 if your game add nutes to jump start the veg growth till sept 21. Our plants are close in size and I grew from seeds so interested in how we finish out.

Thanks for the input, I am in Oklahoma. All of the bigger plants have started the flower already.

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Plants grown from seed generally have more vigor than clones. However, time in veg will determine ultimate size of a plant.
You give me a clone of any plant and Ill grow it huge!



Gotta love big fatty’s like that.

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That stalk is huge. Since I grow outdoors in the ground I can’t control the light schedule. Seems like mine kicked in the flower very early this year. Don’t know why.

Well, you can control light exposure with light deprivation coverings, but yeah its a lot of work.
Your plants may have auto traits, which only means they have been crossed with ruderal strains, quite possibly from Russia?

Seeds always

Man those plants are awesome looking. I would love to hear a tutorial about how you go about digging the hole that you use, what size, type and amount of soil , fertilizer or any additives you use. Whatever you’re doing you’re doing it right!