Do plants look about ready?

Just from photos was wondering if anyone could take a guess on when I should start my flushing process and get ready to pick??! Maybe I’m just rushing lol ,love this site btw!! image|374x500

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Lots of fresh white pistills still a couple of weeks away yet.


I had a feeling lol ,appreciate the feedback! Still have a week and half left on schedule before flush so shoulda known

The Trichomes tell the truth every time @Lildeno ,you need a magnifier. I just got a new microscope and it was worth the money

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@Holmes I think that’s the next thing on my list now just gotta fix what I think is a calcium deficiency,considering all the info I got from here. Appreciate it man.

Start watching trichs. Milky = heady feeling while amber = couch lock . Most here go for 50% amber.

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