Do plants drink at night?


Today was moving day for my girls. Outside to inside. Unfortunately I let them get parched in order to move them more easily. It was a two person process. In their new home they are too tall and too close to my 1000 watt hps. I am talking inches, I do have a light mover. And its got a two foot path or so. I noticed leaf desiccation on the tops. It looked like a combination of burn and lack of water. Outside they were at 70* inside with my co-2 burner going it was 80*+. So I immediately turned off the lights, gave them water and have the exit fans going. They were not droopy outside.
I planted my babies April 2, topped numerous times yet they still got 5’-6’ tall and are in 2’ tall 5 gallon pots = 8 ft. I cant raise the lights. I am stuck with no options except maybe topping them again. Its hard to tell but I am guessing 4 - 6 weeks into flower. The stretch is done for the most part, I pray. And both 5’ x 6’ rooms are more than full with plants. So tying them down would only work if I took out half the veg and tops. Quite the predicament. 3 gold leaf and 5 amnesia haze all ILGM.


That is a mess ! …back in the day when my sativas would get out of control I would trellas them, I can’t think of anything else that might help ?
-good luck



Consider cropping the tallest colas. I did it with great results. Just bend slowly until they snap, then support the broken stalk, and it will form a knuckle, and they’d will start growing upwards from the side, and form a thick mass of flower. @latewood said he did it with plants too close to the lights as well, and he’s a Pro.


I have read they expel starches at night to feed their beneficial fungi and bacteria to make food for themselves.


Thanks for the reply Blountville and Paranorman. Time will tell but I am freaked out enough now to either only mature half my plants and kill the others or try bending as you said. Although I have already been doing that 2-3 times while they continued to get too tall. I just have not done that this far into bloom phase.


I would definitely go with trying to crop them I’m new to this but I’ve done a lot of research and with your pictures and your light source cropping would be your best bet to not lose anything hopefully you won’t lose anything at all I know one of the support people will be commenting hopefully they will be able to help you with your issues good luck


Hi Hogmaster. After a restless night I have decided to reduce my plants significantly.
What I mean is take it all back out of the rooms and select what I think are viable/do able branches and bend them again to give clearance from the light source and promote air movement.
I don’t think there is much alternative. If I continue on the current path I risk all. Fall is here in my neighborhood and botrytis/grey mold and powdery mildew is ever present. Since I have brought my plants from outside to inside I elected to purchase ladybugs to combat mites and bugs.


I have to say, in perspective its not a disappointment- YET. Its just part of learning about growing. I tried my best to keep em shorter and until I had tried to fit them into my inside I could not tell how far to trim them back. My reaction of turning off the lights and keeping fans going was proper. Moving them inside while the lights were on was a mistake. Now its on to the pruning and bending. I have my work cut out for me. Hopefully the plants will be forgiving.


Our Creator put it here for a reason if he can forgive us the plants will be forgiving too for you !!! please keep us updated hope it all works out for the best


Not sure how much room you have or your fixture type. But is a vertical scrog possible? You’d need to arrange the plants in a circle and build a circular scrog screen/trellis. Then hang your light directly down the center.


Hi Iva, interesting information. My plants made it through the night all right. I probably set them back a couple of weeks and the amount of topping I did well lets just say there are many tops, most were cropped to try and have an even canopy. Some will be burned and will have to be cut out. But I did my best.
I read part of your story on another thread. Thanks for being a compassionate and courageous person. I am sorry for the price you paid and are paying. Did you know that rescuers die in more than 50% of the time in life saving attempts? I have an education in construction safety and industrial hygiene. I have lost 8 friends in the 30 yrs of being a construction ironworker, ie bridge builder.Ya we are tough, mean and careless at times, but we cry and hurt just like everyone else.


Thx Jeff but I have all my bits and can move on my own so I am lucky there are ppl in worse shape then me I just have a winge sometimes :slight_smile:
The sad thing is alot of ppl have a low opinion of emergency workers until the need them then they want everything lol
After 15 years as the volunteer fire fighter I have seen some crappy things we have the portable fridge stolen from the truck while putting out a car fire once, I had a person send us a bill for the letter box after I had to make the truck fit their gate :slight_smile: and we saves their house and the best was 3 drunk guys in an unburnt house (the only one for two blocks) walk out in thongs (Flipfliops keep it clean) and shorts asking if they should think about leaving while we were hiding from a out of control fire front drunk ppl never get hurt some times. We drove them out but it took hours for the smell to leave the cab. They dropped off 6 or so slabs of beer a few days later lucky guys they missed the fire some how lol That was more of a sad but funny thing


If you top plants in week 4-6 of flower they are going to freak out an stop bulking up vigorously. You will see some growth but, the shock and stress will lessen the final yield.

I twist the stem a foot to foot and a 1/2 under top kola, until it starts to bend over. I try not to snap it. Wither way it solves the issue.

If you attempt to trim and top, and remove foliage; you will ruin the finish of the plant and a good % of your yield.

Happy Growing

p.s. Wife took camera when she left. I have a new one coming in a few days. In the mail, now. I have 2 Gold Leaf, and I did this to the weaker one of them in order to increase bud weight and, to show you all the results


Thank you latewood, I trimmed only a small amount and bent most of the
others. What my plants cant or wont rejuvenate, I will have to cut out. But
its too early right now.
Thanks for your response. And for reaffirming bending was the way to go.


I cropped my plants 4 weeks into flower, and they trippled in bulk. No worries


But what you trim is lost forever


All seems well. I have kept the temps low running about 65 with my exit fans going full time 24 hours a day.and circulation fans going Humidity is running too high 70% but it will come down as I bring the temps up and stabilize the growing environment. I do have a dehumidifier but I don’t think I need to employ it yet. I kept everything cooler while my plants acclimatized. Now timers are dialed in for 12/12, co-2 is on and I released my ladybugs today. currently my temps are around 70-75. I think whats important is making sure the exit fans run for 45 minutes or so when the lights go out while temps go down and circulation fans stay on 24 hrs a day. I have to stay vigilant and proactive against molds= lots of air movement.
Thanks for everyone’s support



Crowded but healthy.