Do not be those people please dont

Right down the road literally. Been legal for 2 years and the state still doesn’t have one item available. Then you get these stupid ass people stirring the pot and doing exactly what the ass hats said would happen.

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IMO, an 11 yr old girl sharing rice crispy treats with friends, none of which appeared high (all from the article), does not amount to much. It ‘could’ be but jeez, that article seems to be sensationalism.


Either way it goes. Media here will push EVERY anti cannabis story they can dig up.


This happened locally, in our district also. Right before it went recreational. She was soliciting for votes for something I don’t recall.

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Atlanta has it’s yearly Halloween scare about people handing out edibles to kids. Seriously, who has the stockpile to nillywilly hand out edibles like that and where do these people live?

Common sense isn’t so common anymore and proper sense of responsibility is a thing of the past.


Obviously, giving edibles to kids is like handing out wine coolers to trick-or-treaters: Totally irresponsible and highly illegal. Poisoning conviction in most states gets you years in prison. Sounds like those two morons on Disjointed, the Netflix show about a dispensary. They hand out joints to kids in the parking lot and get the whole place busted.


The news media need to get a life and get off the fake news. I’m sure that there may be some dumba**es out there that may be doing this just to make our cannabis community look bad