Do my plants look healthy and when to top, prune, start flowering


Hello,has been 2 / 3 weeks since writing to you guys, it has been an interesting and fun grow, i started with Kellogg mulch mixed 50/50 with miracle grow potting soil ,after 2 weeks noticed mushrooms around the edge of pot, panicked, emptied pot also dropped plant on ground then the soil fell on plant oh my god, it was like a Jerry Lewis movie kept dropping plant fumble fingers, so the plants stalk was bent near the bottom, i had seen a post from someone and had seen in the bible about first aid well i only had electrical tape but wrapped stalk and waited [ plant # 2 ] went wonderfull plant is doing good, thank you guys, the mushrooms return and i start to repot 6 plants with only miracle grow, well mushrooms continue and when repoting noticed soil in pots was warm and moist, i did not water for weeks and plants were doing great but still shrooms, i then investigated shrooms when someone from ILGM i think it was Garrman?? any who all i read told me my soil is fruitful and nutrient rich so i pick mushrooms before they open up, ??? seems to be working, i do water now but sparingly, a cup or 2 of water 2 or 3 days apart, its easier to fix underwatering than overwatering, i have not picked up a ph tester yet or the other testers so not sure what is going on there, the grow is in a shed, insulated, keeps good temp 78 f steady, there are drafts so humidity is same as outside, fan inside blowing on plants, lights are 8 LED [ picture of LED label for lights ] also have 3 grow lamps [ also label for grow lights in pictures ]

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Mushrooms are a good thing to have in your soil! Looks to have rebounded regardless :wink::v::bear:


I like to top to make the plants more bushy and stop/slow their primary stem vertical growth to allow the bottom nodes to catch up.