Do my plants look healthy? Advice please

I have noticed 1 plant has 2 tiny holes/rips with slight yellowing around, if anyone can advise id be very appreciative. Also has dark green growth by the cotlydon leaves, first ever grow so over worried/protective as I need this crop for personal medicinal ise after recent back surgery =-(


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They look good. A few look like they are ready to b transplanted. I don’t see the hole but if u put a pic of just that might b easier to help.

Hi, thanks. And I am a newbie, bith here and to cultivation of my own medical crop so worried il mess up. All but the 2 seedlings were transplanted to the current 11litre pots just 2 weeks ago, will I need to up-pot again do you think? The grow shop I bought my setup from told me the 11L ones would be big enough, but the. They are growing rarther big for the pots in my own opinion =-( here also is the little holes on largest fan leaf.

thanks again for any advice

To my eyes that doesn’t look like a munch spot. It looks like a rip in the leaf. They happen when we handle them and the necrosis around it is normal for an injury.

11L is about 2 1/2 gallon. That is just on the small side of ok for a photo that u want some size out of. At their size that should b ok the pots looked smaller in the pics.

If u have to start watering everyday in veg or they dry out really quick or stop growing u will want to transplant up. I would go 5 gallons or around 25L for a photo.

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Ok great to know, im not looking to grow them massive as when the tent kit was delivered it was much larger than anticipated, originally I was wanting enough space for 4 Photos and was going to scrog them, instead of waiting I decided to add a couple more, I am not training or using scrog etc for these as I work 7 days a week usually so do not have the time to mess around right now. They are between 13-10 inches tall, not sure how much to let the grow before yhe flip…theyre a little over 3 weeks in veg so far without any nutes added. I water every 3rd day atm.

Got some pretty girls! Only suggestion is to transplant into larger pots. Are you using nutes yet?

Hi Laura, no nutes as of yet just H2O and love. Yes I think I will need to pot up, font want to as very low on space in the tent but will it kill them if I dont, ir reduce yields only…currently 11litre pots 2.5 gall in. I could kill off one or two if needed…sad but if it keeps my girls healthy I will =-/

P.s they are in Biobizz all mix and. Couple in bio bizz light…4 weeks old from seed, not sure how long the nutes in the soil last.

They look great, just outgrowing their containers. Great work :+1:

A couple are starting to get yellow specks near leaf edges, I have checked for bugs and found NADA, could this be them telling me its time to add some nutes? I have the ionic line to feed them as have heard great things.

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Take some pics. It helps to diagnose any issues.

Yes they are at the stage that no matter what soil u are using they will start to need nutes. Unless it kind soil.

Rootbound in a 2.5 gallon will not kill them. Will just lower yield and usually makes them finish up quicker. Will also mean u need to water more often. Your plants will stretch to 2-3 times their size in the transition. If u google your stain it should tell what the stretch will look like.

Congrats and don’t hesitate to tag some like this @CrouchingBudHiddenTrichomes if u want them to respond.

I will do so now for you, thankyou

The first 2 pics are the yellowing specks I noticed, the rest are pictures of the plants now, a couple are rather droopy and have leaf tips curling down, didnt want to disturb much as its lights out for them right now.

Thankyou for the help guys, I jave mo room to yransplant all, may be able to do 4 of them into 15 litre pots but if it wont kill them I may just leave and upgrade next time.
I started grow nutrients today from ionic nutes at half strength, and currently water each with 1litre of PH’d water every 2 to 3 days or when pots are light again but some now have strange yellow/ orange specks/patches which is worruing me…pictures arent the best